Bored to see all this icons in the drawer? I am. But there is a solution! GNL App Hider, for hiding apps from both the GNL and the Pixel Launchers.

It simply work out of the box. After you activate it in Xposed you only have to choose the apps you want to hide. This is all! No reboot required to apply changes (PS. the first reboot is required).

You can try it for free, without time limitation, for a maximum of 5 hidden apps.

It is tested and compatible with:
• Google Now Launcher 7.3+ (also know as GNL, Google, Now Launcher or whatever Google wants…)
• Pixel Launcher 7.1+

What’s New
– Fixed compatibility with Pixel Launcher 8.1.0, P, ODR
– Fixed compatibility with rootless Pixel Launcher (old version support dropped, there’s no way to support old and new version at the same time because the developer give always the same version code number, if you want to prevent this in the future, please let the him know)


The app was not found in the store. 🙁


[XPOSED] GNL App Hider – Google Now Launcher v1.0.4 [Premium] / Mirror