Just Reminder. Simple All-In-One Reminder app for Android to just remind you everything at a specified time!

Can set ToDo / Task Reminders, Phone Call Reminders, Birthday Reminders, Anniversary Reminders and Bills Reminders with just few clicks.
– With Speech-to-Text, no need to type to create an Reminder.
– Customisable Repeat Intervals like repeat every few minutes, hours, day, specific week days, weeks, months, years and many more.
– Customise each reminder with image, specific ring tone or Talking Alarm tone.
– Can set in-advance alerts for Reminders.
– Can customise Date & Time Formats.
– You will not miss any reminder with LED blink (if device supports) and Auto-Snooze feature.
– Can send wishes from Birthday / Anniversary Reminders.
– Smart Bills Reminders will remind you every day till they were ‘PAID’.
– With Backup & Restore, you can save all your reminders to SDCard, as mail attachments or upload to Drive.
PREMIUM version features:
– Phone Call Reminder.
– Security PIN Lock.
– Each Reminder can be set with separate Alert Tone or Talking Alarm.
– You can enable/disable Screen wakeup on Reminder Alert.
– and it is Ad Free.
– more will come in next releases.
Internet – Google in-app purchases.
READ-SD Card: to pick images for reminders from SD Card.

Important Note – Don’t prevent Alarms from ‘Stamina Mode’ settings, battery saver app or a task killer app.

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(ver. 2.2.6)
– Bug fixes.
(ver. 2.2.2)
– Added Indonesian language.
(ver. 2.2.1)
– Added more customisations to widget settings.
– Bug fixes and improvements.
(ver. 2.2)
– Add/edit categories.
– Set DoNotDisturb period to make reminders silent.
– Set reminder alert volume in app settings.
– Set end date for repeat reminders.
– Redesigned widget.


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Just Reminder Premium v2.2.6 / Mirror