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WPSApp Pro is the version without ads of WPSApp, checks the security of your network using WPS protocol.
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WPSApp Pro is a special application that allows you to directly check your WiFi security suite. If you have various problems with your WiFi and want to own a specific WiFi test app, then this application is definitely the answer for you.With this application, users can easily check the security of their network and find the best Get usage options.


Special pro version

Users of this application may already be familiar with the name WPSApp, a free version from the same manufacturer. The fact that the manufacturer offers users his Pro version for a fee certainly has its own selling point. The free version often has issues with all apps.
advertisement. Ads are to keep the app’s system running. However, when users use this version, all advertising content will be removed.

WPSApp apk

Proprietary WPS test protocol

With the launch of Application Maker, WPSApp Pro will be able to check network status using the WPS protocol. What exactly is the WPS protocol? Briefly explain that this protocol allows you to connect to a WiFi network using an 8-digit PIN number that is commonly predefined in routers. The problem, however, is that many routers from different companies know his PIN number or know how to calculate it.

How this app works

After receiving preliminary information, users often ask for the main operations of the application to understand the most accurate method. The application tries to test by connecting to the network through these pins. Applications on the system have created all usage operations and the user her experience is simple. At the same time, the application allows us to analyze the quality of WiFi channels, view WiFi passwords stored on the device and search for devices connected to the network.

WPSApp pro

Case of red slash

Users often get a special icon for each network when an application successfully performs a special operation on the system. The first case a network type is likely to encounter is a red slash. This header indicates that this is a very secure network as the WPS protocol is disabled and the default password cannot be determined.

Question point

In addition, users also encounter cases where an application announces the network with a question mark. So what is the question mark symbol? What does this symbol mean? Networks with this icon usually have the WPS protocol enabled, but the PIN code is unknown. In this case, it’s an application that allows us to see which ones are the most popular.

WPSApp mod

Example of green appearance test

The last thing to mention is when WPSApp Pro gives the user a green checkmark. Usually this is spelled correctly and brings joy to the user, but in this case it has a rather bad connotation. Networks with a green checkmark are most likely vulnerable, either with the WPS protocol enabled and the pin known, or on the router he has WPS turned off but the password is known .


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  • WPSApp Pro Screenshot
  • WPSApp Pro Screenshot
  • WPSApp Pro Screenshot
  • WPSApp Pro Screenshot
  • WPSApp Pro Screenshot
  • WPSApp Pro Screenshot
  • WPSApp Pro Screenshot


WPSApp Pro v1.6.69 [Patched] / Mirror

WPSApp Pro v1.6.67 [Patched] / Mirror

WPSApp Pro v1.6.63 [Patched] / Mirror

What's new

- Bug fixes for Android 13.
- Code optimization.


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