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AdGuard is an application that allows you to simultaneously block the ads you want using different filters. No annoying ad issues and a seamless experience.
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AdGuard is an application that allows you to simultaneously block the ads you want using different filters. No annoying ad issues and a seamless experience. At the same time, configuring this ad blocking is as easy as configuring which types of ads need to be blocked, or which web cases allow ads to run smoothly.

Remove ads from the sites you use

With AdGuard, seeing ads while surfing the Internet is no longer a big problem. If you could block ads completely and never have one in front of you all the time, then you’d be perfectly fine with what it does. So, if you’re browsing the web with an app-supported browser, you don’t have to worry about being annoyed by intrusive ads.

Runs in a browser without ROOT

There are two main browsers that AdGuard supports.
Yandex browser and Samsung browser. These are two popular browsers among Android device users. Also, application features such as filters must be enabled before using these browsers. It also allows you to quickly grasp the functionality of your application without too many technical issues such as implementing routes. This means you can remove the ads as soon as you download the app and start using it.

Protecting Against Stolen Information

Removing ads permanently with AdGuard is one thing you can do to reduce the risk they pose. Advertisements, in particular, often contain various types of information whose content is not known in advance. So suddenly clicking on untrustworthy ads will cost you a lot of data and security. This is why many people use application features for different types of advertisements.

Save internet space the easy way

Another point that AdGuard users will notice is that in addition to unreliable ads, there are still some very annoying video ads. When you watch videos in your browser, ads pop up and you have to watch for a certain amount of time to skip them. From there, your device’s internet storage will be consumed if you don’t have a WiFi connection. So removing ads can protect your device and save storage space on the internet.

Filters can block different types of ads

As you explore the app’s features, you will be presented with different types of lists that determine how you want to block ads. The first list is the filter list, which collects the types of ads you may see with the browser you are using. At the same time, you only need to enable each ad type choice so that the application can quickly identify the ad type. In most cases, disable all types of ads so that the application can block them all at once.

White Lists to Help Adjust Ad Blocking

The second type of list you can easily find is the White List, whose function is to filter out websites that do not apply the above advertising features. This usually applies to certain advertising-related websites for smooth operation. At the same time, I would like to support the creator of this website by clicking on the ad. So whitelisting is a good choice, but the decision should be made with caution.

Block YouTube Ads

Follow this instructions to block YouTube ads

MOD Lite:

  • Based on default Mod Version;
  • Optimized and zipaligned graphics and cleaned resources for fast load – [13.6 Mb total apk size];
  • Languages: En, Ru;
  • CPUs: armeabi-v7a, arm64-v8a;
  • Screen DPIs: 120dpi, 160dpi, 240dpi, 320dpi, 480dpi, 640dpi;
  • Original package signature changed;
  • Release by Balatan

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Download Links:

Adguard Premium v4.3.199 Final APK / Mirror

Adguard Premium v4.3.194 Final APK / Mirror

Adguard Premium v4.2.118 Final APK / Mirror

Mod Lite Version

Adguard Premium v4.3.199 armeabi-v7a Final APK / Mirror

Adguard Premium v4.3.199 arm64-v8a Final APK / Mirror

119 comments on "Adguard Premium MOD APK + Mod Lite (Unlocked)"

  1. dlu42899 says:

    please update to v3.3.25.0

  2. Robert Constantin says:

    final version is : 3.2.150(1.4.138cl)

  3. Peter says:

    Dude, final version of AdGuard for Android is v3.2.150
    and Adguard Premium v3.2.135 Final IS NOT A FINAL!

  4. Mixterix AL says:

    How do I change the language to Spanish?

  5. Tanvir Hossain says:

    Please update this apk

  6. Smokey says:

    for some reason since using Adguard Premium v3.4.23ƞ [Nightly] APK it’s been cutting off my wifi on my tablet but seems fine when i turn off adguard.

    what is the difference between the nightly and final version? are they both modded?

  7. Artur says:

    Does this cracked app update AdGuard’s filters or do I need to download a new version over time ?

  8. KOAL says:

    No updates in months?

    Is this guy still alive lol

  9. Mason says:

    Hi mate. Any Adguard updates by any chance? Cheers. You do great work mate.

  10. Kamau B says:

    It worked. Thanks

  11. EroEro says:

    my web browser such as firefox and bromite flagged adguard https as “your connection is not private…” and firefox sometimes warn me like “your connection might be monitored”

  12. rysher says:

    please update Adguard to 3.6.4

  13. Yeezy says:

    Please can we get the Adguard update. Thanks guys. Appreciate it

  14. Miraj says:

    Please upload latest version 3.6.38

  15. ReXXX says:

    Waiting for APK Mod v3.6.38… Please, ¡don’t delay! Fix some communication errors with Firefox…

  16. Max says:


  17. Ivan Martinko says:

    We need 3.6.8 stable.

  18. Frost says:

    Hi team. Any updates please? Thanks.

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