Wifi Device Control Pro

Wifi Device Control Pro

• the commands sent are defined as hexadecimal strings
• possibility to set repeating of the sent commands when holding down a button and its period
• displaying incoming messages in hexadecimal or text form with the possibility to choose its encoding              (UTF-8, Win1250, …)
• adjustable automatic sending of the stop commands upon loss of the main screen “focus” (e.g. upon an           incoming call), or upon displaying the application menu
• GUI is designed for both tablets and phones
• Czech and English localization
• detailed help
• GPS support through customizable templates of the sent messages
• accelerometer support in the form of customizable templates of the sent messages
• possibility to set the size of the individual control panels using the “zoom” gesture
• possibility to hide / show the control panel using gestures
• heartbeat (detection of a communication failure)
• support for the UDP protocol (adjustable number of repetitions of datagrams) and TCP
• number of easily configurable buttons 21
• number of buttons with the possibility to set your own labels and visibility 16
• gamepad and joystick support
• adjustable virtual joystick

• Sony Xperia L
• Asus Transformer
• Samsung S3
• Prestigio MultiPad 10.1 Ultimate 3G
• Samsung S6
• ASUS MeMO Pad ME173X
• Nexus 7
• MOGA Pro Controller
• Genius Maxfire Blaze 5
• Joystick Thrustmaster Flight
• Modecom Volcano Tablet Gamepad
• Dance pad PGS-I-2006


We’ve improved the setting of the accelerometer. You can now also set the sampling interval and the multiplier.
A large padding on the screen configuration on 10-inch tablet has been removed.
Fixed display 404 page when you touch on the help button.


  • Wifi Device Control Pro Screenshot
  • Wifi Device Control Pro Screenshot


Wifi Device Control Pro v1.4 (Paid) / Mirror

Wifi Device Control Pro v1.1 (Paid) / Mirror