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Modern technologies allow you to manage sites using Android device. Use Web Tools: Our FTP SFTP SSH client. This utility combines a file manager with a handy FTP and SFTP module to connect to the server where the website files are located. Using the application, you can remotely test the operation of the website. The program will become an indispensable tool in the work of system administrators and web developers.
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You don’t have to worry about website and web management anymore because Web Tools can help you. This application helps you block and manage all websites in a modern way. Users will find that the application has many features and many more great features. Many of these new features take advantage of all the common issues and highlight new features as well.

Website management

The role of the application is to allow you to manage your website as quickly as possible. More importantly, this management helps us create logic in this application. What’s even more interesting is that it helps admins make their sites cleaner and more consistent.

Maintain your website

This application helps you save large web pages and create links between websites. Even more attractive are storage applications to process searches faster and save a lot of time. You can save it to your gallery and share it with other devices. Filter harmful websites

This application helps you filter harmful websites and maintain normal websites. Ads are truncated to create a separate logic chain and also limit the great risk of this application.

Block malicious news sources

Malicious news sources cannot spread directly with this application. Because it helps the application to limit them in the first place. Restrictions and preventions are ways to protect your device. More interestingly, users can also use various unique locks with security or fingerprint.

Easily share your website

This application facilitates the sharing of web pages. Please select this website to continue sharing links. This application will help you share instantly. Simple sharing saves tons of time.


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Web Tools: FTP, SSH, HTTP v2.5 Pro APK / Mirror

Web Tools: FTP, SSH, HTTP v2.3 Pro APK / Mirror

Web Tools: FTP, SSH, HTTP v2.0 Pro APK / Mirror

What's new

Web Tools 2.19
● Fixes
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