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Voice Changer - Funny sound effects

Voice Changer app will let you transform your voice in a very easy way. Start the application, press the “Recording” button and record your voice. Try to speak fluently and close to microphone built-in your phone (usually in bottom side of the phone). Then choose one out of ten sound effects and press “Play”.

[✔] Your voice will change according to chosen sound effects. You can save converted voice effects in the memory of your phone, on SD card or share it with your friend via popular social portals (amount of applications which you can use to share your voice sound effects depends on amount of applications installed on your phone, which are able to support audio files as attachments).

[✔] Voice Changer app uses advanced digital processing algorithms, which allow to change your voice effects out of all recognition.

Possible voice effects to choose:
✶ Helium: Your voice will sound as if you filled your lungs with helium.
✶ Cave: Your voice will create voice sound effects as if you were in cave
✶ Cyborg: Voice of half a human, half a machine – voice sound effects
✶ Megaphone: Create voice sound effects – Speak via megaphone.
✶ Robot: Become a mechanical robot.
✶ Demon: Change voice effects into demon’s sound.
✶ Child: The voice sound effects will emit as if you were a child by your voice.
✶ Alien: Frightening voice of an space alien.
✶ Alien: More frightening voice of an outer space alien.
✶ Drunk person: Check how your voice sound effects when you are drunk

Many feature of Voice Changer – Funny sound app
Record and change voice by applying voice sound effects
Select an audio track in your phone to create a voice changer, sound effects – voice effects
Save and share as MP3, set as phone ringtone or notification ringtone your voice effects
Load musics or other audio files to apply voice sound effects on it
Live playback your microphone and change voice live
Live stream your microphone and change voice live to media players or web browsers
Make funny sounds or scary voice sound effects!
Record your voice and apply any voice sound effects you want!
Change voice effects Share in Social Media
Change Voice Save in Voice Changer Folder
Easy to use Voice Changer app , simple swipe to change voice

You will have a new voice to tease. this voice changer app can help you surprise the people around you.
⚠ Believe me, this is a great voice changer app for Android! We launched Voice changer to bring a variety of voice effects and intelligent to convert voice
⚠ Especially, if singing is your passion then this is a class tool that helps you do not need to train but can still sing melodious songs and vibrations or fun hilarious tunes. inspired
⚠ We hope you will have a lot of fun with our Voice Changer app.
Happy voice changing !

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