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Ultra Super Fast Charging

Ultra Super Fast Charging is a FREE battery saving app that helps extend your battery life up to 50% by finding apps and settings that drain power on your device.

Professional, easy to use, Battery Saver keeps your Android phone going longer, provides you with detailed battery information, and uses our unique 3 Stage Charging System to keep your battery healthy. Enjoy the incredible power boosting experience and never worry about your phone battery again!

Features of Ultra Super Fast Charging

• Increases Charging Speed
When you plug in your phone to a power source, Fast Charging Detects it and open up, It will start killing background apps and saving power when you click on Start Fast Charging button.

• Show Battery Information
Fast Charging not only increase the charging speed, but also shows you the complete information about your battery when it is charging, It shows the accurate Temperature, Voltage level and Health status of your battery. By using Fast Charging – Speed Charger you can have all the information about your battery and improved charging time in same app.

• Elegant User Interface
Fast Charging comes with an Elegant User Interface, It shows all the animations and charging status about your battery in a beautiful circular view. It shows the status whether your phone is charging in Fast Charge mode or normal mode.

• Power Saver
Fast Charging is not only a Fast Charger App, but it is also a Powerful Battery Saver for your smartphone. It Fast Charges your phone and also save the the power of your battery at the same time, in this way you can have a improved battery life in your smartphone.

• Light but Powerful
Fast Charger is a Powerful tool for your smartphone but it is also Light Weight at the same time, it occupies very less space on your device so that it can have low impact on your CPU and overall performance of your device.

Ultra Super Fast Charging is 100% FREE app for increasing the charging speed of your device. Use it and get your phone charged faster than normal charge.

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