Tower Topography Lines

Tower Topography Lines v.2.3 allows, in a simple and intuitive manner, to perform a topographic survey and export its results in a .dxf format file, which can be opened by most CAD software (Computer-Aided Design software). Data acquisition can be done directly in the field or can be entered on screen. You only need to determine the position of starting and final points, and the application will automatically generate intermediate points.

This software is very useful in order to define the trace of power lines, walls, fences, etc. as well as to calculate surfaces or perimeters. It includes a wide range of applications for every need.
– Improved buying points
– X Drawing scale 1: 1000 / Y 1: 250 (scale suitable staking power lines)
– Acquisition of 99 intermediate points between two input points
– Draw in CAD​​:
Points taken away from the trace (trees, rocks, etc.)
Picture taken with point (longitude, latitude and altitude)
Direction North facing
– Exclusive design in plant orientation points (trees, rocks, etc.)
A very interesting application

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  • Tower Topography Lines Screenshot
  • Tower Topography Lines Screenshot


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