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CamScanner Mod APK is a useful application that provides crisp and clear documents and helps you scan data quickly and encrypt data conveniently.

For clear and concise paper documents, users have immediate access to CamScanner. With just one scan, this application creates stunning paper products. Helps format and trim excess hinges and reformat handwriting for greater clarity. In addition, users can also choose their favorite color for the text. At the same time, you also have the right to choose the format in which you want to save. With this application, you can adjust the light and dark properly, so users don’t have to worry anymore and don’t worry about sending paper documents with photos.

Easily capture paper documents

CamScanner gives you the freedom to scan any document you want. Device camera support makes scanning documents easier and faster. In particular, this application can scan all kinds of documents: invoices, drafts or receipts, notes and even handwritten documents. After scanning, the application automatically digitizes your document to present a sharper, clearer image of your handwriting. Digitizing documents in this way further reduces storage space and simplifies document storage.

Edit text automatically

After scanning paper documents, the application also automates the processing steps. CamScanner allows you to increase or decrease text brightness accordingly. At the same time, it can also help you quickly cut edges and adjust text angles. Additionally, the user can use any color available in the application for the text.

Your documents will be cleaner and sharper, leaving a deeper impression on your readers. Users can have very high resolution document photos. Additionally, you can mark up your document by adding annotations and additional characters. Important information is clearly indicated, making it easier for the reader to understand the content.

CamScanner apk CamScanner pro

Freely save images in various formats

This application offers many unique features including optical character recognition. This allows paper documents to be more efficiently extracted from images. These texts are saved in different formats depending on your selection. Also, users can share documents with friends and colleagues in various ways. B. Send attachments via email or social networks. The security of the application is very high, so you can use CamScanner with peace of mind. To keep your documents private, you can also set up a feature that requires a password to view the documents. Additionally, when sharing a document via a link, you can also set a password for access.

Find documents quickly

This application has a temporary storage mode so you don’t have to worry about deleting your newly scanned documents because the information is saved. Additionally, users can save documents in memory with their own titles and special characters. This speeds up document searches. In addition, the application also provides document markup functionality that facilitates searching for information. With simple information such as related words and pictures, the application will help you find and display information related to that word. If your device is connected to a printer, you can easily and quickly print your documents without wasting time and effort.

Easy to use and suitable for all audiences

CamScanner allows users to enjoy a beautiful and very eye-catching user interface through a clean and minimalist application method. Application details are clearly arranged and coordinated with each other in soft, harmonious colors. Equipped with useful features, users will experience a very useful application. It’s also very easy to use. Anyone from children to adults can use it. Even if you don’t know how to use it, the application system will guide you in detail, so it’s easy to understand. And your user account information is synchronized even when used on many different devices. This allows you to edit and correct your documents regardless of your location.

Key Features

Scan documents quickly, save time and effort, process paper documents faster and work more efficiently.

It auto-corrects the extra corners of scanned text images, crops them, and boosts the brightness of these photos to make them sharper and clearer.

You can freely save high-resolution images in various formats and share data with friends and colleagues through various channels.

Store information under different headings or add special characters to important documents to make them easier to find and use.

Keep important documents well protected and let you set login passwords and access rights to this information.

The user interface is clean and minimalistic, but very sophisticated, with a streamlined layout and harmonious colors to give users a great experience.


  • CamScanner - PDF Scanner App Screenshot
  • CamScanner - PDF Scanner App Screenshot
  • CamScanner - PDF Scanner App Screenshot
  • CamScanner - PDF Scanner App Screenshot
  • CamScanner - PDF Scanner App Screenshot
  • CamScanner - PDF Scanner App Screenshot
  • CamScanner - PDF Scanner App Screenshot
  • CamScanner - PDF Scanner App Screenshot


CamScanner – PDF Scanner App v6.61.5.2403140000 [Mod] / Mirror

CamScanner – PDF Scanner App v6.60.0.2403040000 [Mod] / Mirror

CamScanner – PDF Scanner App v6.60.0.2402210000 [Mod] / Mirror

What's new

- Refining multiple details for a smoother, more reliable user experience.


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    Appreciate your work 🙂

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