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EZ Notes is a niche notes app transforming the productivity and agility of countless lives worldwide. Enjoy incredible Mobility and Time Savings as EZ Notes SIMULTANEOUSLY Transcribes AND Saves voice notes with a single tap! Our proprietary engineering designs transcribe and instantly save voice notes, to deliver you a profound mobile edge over all other notes apps. As the world continues becoming more fast-paced and agile, EZ Notes remains uniquely poised as the indispensable tool for capturing on-the-fly notes wherever we are, in whatever mobile situation, under any time constraint!
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EZ Notes provides everyone with a convenient and effective tool for quick memorization so that they don’t forget anything important. It’s also helpful to plan the day or the week ahead so that users can always manage their lives dynamically instead of living in chaos. Best of all, it integrates with many interesting technologies to enhance the artistry and possibilities of keynote typing.

Easy-to-use interface for quick organization

The first advantage of EZ Notes is its user-friendly interface and ease of use after the first approach, giving users a good start. Here, all content or user notes are completely stored and tagged, so you can properly manipulate or manage everything to get the best user experience. Users can also personalize the UI with many colors and pure vibrancy such as dark mode.

Just add notes to the board

The application prioritizes simplicity and ease of use in all user activities, such as adding new notes to a board. What’s exciting about it is the convenience and agility of adding notes, whether using the keyboard, drawing, or voice to quickly create the note you want. Users can use a text editor to facilitate the construction of clean and professional note structures.

Enable natural language for notes

When entering information for notes, EZ Notes allows anyone to customize things with vibrant aesthetics and deep personalization of fonts, colors and more. You can highlight and emphasize the main points of your notes according to your taste and importance of information. The application also allows users to export their notes to many formats to easily share all the content inside.

Various folders for quick access

If you are busy and like to be organized, the application creates different categories or folders to organize your notes. Each note is neatly arranged for your convenience, while there are further customizations for users to adjust their priorities. The interface also has a great layout that allows anyone to freely access or search, even though each category is well organized. Create TODO cards for different tasks

For those with less efficient organization, the ability to create to-do cards is essential. The feature also has a separate category where users can add notes of their choice, and EZ Notes allows you to dynamically keep track of things as you fill out cards in different orders. Users can set alerts or time limits on each card if the task is important or has a specific deadline.

Innovative sketches for creative input

EZ Sketch is a great addition for users to create visual or drawing notes instead of words or sounds. Integrate many basic and advanced drawing tools and a rich color palette to diversify or design your most creative notes. Sketchnotes work like regular notes, allowing users to name them and customize their priorities.

EZ Notes is very useful for users to quickly create the necessary notes for any situation and organization, and it has many great built-in tools and features to make your notes impressive and detailed.


EZ Notes v10.2.0 APK / Mirror

EZ Notes v10.1.1 APK / Mirror

EZ Notes v10.0.1 APK / Mirror

What's new

All-new EZ File Tools for subscribers!
Ability to save and share TXT and PDF files.
Import capability of TXT files into the editor.
Ability to discard changes inside the editor.
Various bug fixes and improvements.



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