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TechCalc+ is the "Swiss Army Knife" of Scientific Calculators ... 44 Calculation Options + a Scientific Reference Section + the Periodic Table of the Elements!
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TechCalc+ gives you everything you need in a scientific calculator on your smartphone. Users have all the features to keep their work going even when they’re on the go and aren’t hung up on an accurate calculator. I know apps like this are only a temporary fix, but this one is worth using.

The “Swiss Army Knife” of Scientific Calculators

“Swiss Army Knife” known to those in the know. The perfect grip knife for any application. Buy once, use in any situation. TechCalc+ is the same as this type of knife. User can perform all formulas in one place for him with one tap on her.

All representations on screen

TechCalc+ displays both full formulas and running totals just like Pro Calculator. It is the basic and best function of the calculator app. During learning, students need to line up numbers and formulas to make the calculator work. But if the result was wrong, it should be confirmed. It’s easy for anyone to spot the mistake and fix it with the formula. And the total will change quickly. Just wait for the correct answer.

Many different calculation modes

As I mentioned earlier, the “Swiss Army Knife” of scientific calculators has all the methods you need to calculate anything. Students who do not need advanced calculations should concentrate on basic mode. But for another who works as an engineer in all technical fields, scientific, hexadecimal, matrix, and complex modes would be useful.

Graphics mode is the best graphics

Graphics can definitely be a nightmare for students taking college exams. They try their best to draw graphics on paper, but something is wrong. In this mode, all steps of drawing the diagram are performed automatically. Just place the numbers and formulas in the right places. Make sure you have the correct location!

Using one axis in particular, you can draw up to 7 charts and see the difference between them. Students can see the graph for reference and draw it on paper. If you don’t have time, download it. Downloading graphics in PDF format is easy. Last but not least, users have the option to create 3D surface charts for her. You can look at it from all angles and see what happens when you change parameters.

Screenshot :

  • TechCalc+ Calculator Screenshot
  • TechCalc+ Calculator Screenshot
  • TechCalc+ Calculator Screenshot
  • TechCalc+ Calculator Screenshot
  • TechCalc+ Calculator Screenshot
  • TechCalc+ Calculator Screenshot
  • TechCalc+ Calculator Screenshot
  • TechCalc+ Calculator Screenshot

Download :

TechCalc+ Scientific Calculator v5.1.0 APK / Mirror

TechCalc+ Scientific Calculator v5.0.9 APK / Mirror

TechCalc+ Scientific Calculator v5.0.8 APK / Mirror

What's new

ver 5.0.8:
★ Financial Mode, Options Trading (Greeks): added the possibility to calculate either the implied volatility or the option price
★ Settings, Calculation Parameters: added 2 options relating to implicit multiplication - please see the topic "Implicit Multiplication" in the Help section for details
★ fixed bugs reported by users



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