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There is usually a slight reduction in image quality compared to images taken directly on the phone from the original form. What do you do when this happens? Or use a method that overcomes this drawback. A quick introduction to TapScanner’s secrets will help answer your questions. This is the ultimate application and a very efficient camera scanner with a great PDF converter. With this unique application, you no longer have to worry about image quality or report declining photos.


Worried about cracking or losing sharpness, worry no more. Owning TapScanner immediately puts that fear to rest and makes your photos sharper and clearer. Traditional PDF conversion takes a lot of time and can even consume some of your storage space. It’s getting cumbersome and the storage is unsatisfactory. Also, if you scan the abstract directly from the lesson plan, the computer can’t do it.

To keep up with this trend, this application has integrated what it takes to create such greatness. Both can be used on smartphones and converted to PDF, making the image quality even more unique. This application is fast, compact and efficient to meet the needs of all users. Moreover, the application is fully updated every day, allowing users to see this unique transformation more objectively.

Great Features

This app is compatible with different smart phone devices and has unique effects. First, TapScanner has a performance enhancer that shows it’s grown and asserted its own appeal. Utility applications allow users to scan documents, receipts, and even business cards. Get images quickly and not blurry when converting to PDF.

After scanning, the image will be immediately converted to PDF and saved in a private folder for your work and desired purpose. After recording, it detects the edges and covers the image, saving you time on edge cutting and editing. Adjust each color and different sharpness to give your photo. You can also use color instead of black and white to make your document stand out.


When scanning a document, I am worried that duplicate details will appear in the document. However, TapScanner automatically recognizes the outline of the document and cleans up the unnecessary parts. This advantage makes it easier to protect your documents after cleaning. Moreover, you can also use manual deletion with the details of the document you want to delete to make it more perfect and satisfying.

Editing Images with Different Filters

Scanned documents are very sharp and complete thanks to TapScanner’s filters. Brightness, transparency, contrast, saturation and heat adjustment modes make images clearer and easier to see. With the naked eye, adjust the parameters of the above effects to make the document bright enough, not too dark, not too bright.


This application saves scanned documents in your system. This is very convenient and saves time when you need to look up information in the most convenient way. You can also share these saved documents with others without meeting in person. This makes everything more accessible and less time consuming.

TapScanner brings you a great experience. All your documents will be processed more efficiently by this application. This application will quickly backup your documents so you don’t have to worry about forgetting to save them. This application supports over 100 different languages ​​and OCR is completely free. You can also send documents electronically with a digital signature. This application provides complete utility to its users.

Amazing Application

Once the shot is complete, the image is automatically saved in a soft data file, managing the data as intelligently as possible. You can rename images to find them easily and switch from one file to another easily. Outputting a high quality PDF or PNG file increases user interest and trust in TapScanner. Support for many different languages ​​makes the application a unique highlight.

TapScanner is greatly loved by its users. Not only does it have an attractive toolbar, but it also has many unique features that help users. Get this perfect application in your pocket right away to support your work and daily life.


  • Scanner App to PDF -TapScanner Screenshot
  • Scanner App to PDF -TapScanner Screenshot
  • Scanner App to PDF -TapScanner Screenshot
  • Scanner App to PDF -TapScanner Screenshot
  • Scanner App to PDF -TapScanner Screenshot
  • Scanner App to PDF -TapScanner Screenshot
  • Scanner App to PDF -TapScanner Screenshot
  • Scanner App to PDF -TapScanner Screenshot


TapScanner v3.0.5 Premium / Mirror

TapScanner v2.8.31 Premium / Mirror

TapScanner v2.7.90 Premium / Mirror

What's new

Just like your documents, TapScanner needs some editing sometimes too. In this version you will find improvements and bug fixes. We are working hard to improve the app. If you’re satisfied, we’d appreciate it if you rate the app!


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