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The SIM Box application enables :
– Control and operation of three devices,
– Configure the appearance of the icon of the selection button for control
– Select sound / voice command in response to the execute button
– Change the description of the name under the button perform
– Enable the application closing function in response to the button perform for specific button selection to   control
– Adding and removing users by the main user
– Readout of telephone numbers by the main user
– Change of the device PIN security code
– Enabling the REPORT option to send confirmation about the user turns on the relay
– Enabling the ACCESS option to control commands via all users who know the telephone number
– Enable the option of REFERRING sms messages not recognized as sms command to the main user
– Enabling the THERMOSTAT option allowing one output to work as thermostat when a temperature sensor    is connected to the device
– Enable the FACTORY SETTINGS option
– Enabling the option keep the screen always highlighted after running applications
– Enabling the GEOLOCALIZATION option allows you to automatically send the sms or command making a   call clip after getting closer to the place previously saved in the application
(this functionality works when the application is running on the smartphone screen)


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  • SIM box PRO Screenshot
  • SIM box PRO Screenshot
  • SIM box PRO Screenshot


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