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SigTrax combines the technique of triangular location with the power, services and visual capability of Android devices to significantly reduce the time and effort required to locate the origin of a RF signal. Using SigTrax, manually handling maps, plotting intersection points and determining the route to reach an intersection point is eliminated.

Whether it is an ham (amateur) radio fox hunt, searching for signal interference (RFI), seeking out an unlicensed (pirate) radio signal, tracking near-space balloon flights, finding a transponder, tagged wild life tracking, finding lost quadcopters or a search and rescue mission, SigTrax simplifies the search process resulting in faster, more accurate searches.

Check our web site to discover the SigTrax difference.

Feature Highlights :

  • Uses mapping, GPS and compass to create bearings to a target.
  • Bearings can be manually entered using coordinates and compass heading.
  • Coordinates can be entered in Latitude/Longitude, UTM or MGRS formats.
  • Automatically creates Crosspoints where bearings intersect.
  • Crosspoint locations can be viewed on the map with optional route map and directions.
  • Bearing can be archived for later recall.
  • Settings allow for individual customization.
  • Complete user guide included.

Requires Android device with GPS and internet access to obtain map images.

The rotating compass heading feature can only be used with devices that contain a magnetic field sensor which some devices eliminate. SigTrax will work on these devices with the compass heading feature disabled.

* Several crash fixes. Sorry and thanks for using SigTrax..
* Resolve crash when swiping or rotating map with two or more fingers.
* Corrects SigShare crash when using Android 26 or 27.
* Corrects Store crash from Info screen when using Android 26 or 27.


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