Power Security-AntiVirus Clean

Power Security-AntiVirus Clean

Power Security, the best antivirus app to protect you from viruses and malware. Power Security is a free antivirus app to clean virus and malware.


  1. Antivirus
    The best antivirus app for protecting your device’s safety. Scan and kill viruses, malware and spyware, keep your phone away from security threats.
  2. Real-time Protection
    Scan installed apps and app installation files in real time, and auto block viruses and malwares while installing.
  3. Wi-Fi Security
    Identify phishing Wi-Fi network, protect your phone’s online safety in unfamiliar networks.
  4. App Locker
    Lock important apps, protect your privacy information from others.
  5. Junk File Cleaner
    No available space for photos and music files? You can scan and clean junk files in a short time with Power Security.
  6. Boost Speed
    One tap to kill unused background apps, increase phone speed instantly.

What’s New
1. Fix issue that fail to install APK file from notification


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Power Security-AntiVirus Clean v1.2.24 Cracked Apk / Mirror

Power Security-AntiVirus Clean v1.2.19 Cracked Apk / Mirror

Power Security-AntiVirus Clean v1.2.8.1 Cracked Apk / Mirror