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Lockwatch is a clever little app that secretly takes a photo using the front camera when someone enters an incorrect unlock code on your phone. It then emails you a picture of the intruder along with their GPS location, without them knowing.
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Lockwatch Thief Catcher keeps your phone safe and secure by emailing you when someone tries to unlock your phone with the wrong code. The email includes a stealth photo taken with the front camera and a map showing the location of your phone.

• Protect yourself against a lost or stolen phone by providing police with photo evidence and a location of the thief.

Lockwatch Thief Catcher Premium Features:

  • Upgrade to the premium version to access additional features. One purchase unlocks all premium features on
  • all your Android devices for life.
  •  Detect SIM card changes – Emails you if a new SIM card is inserted into the phone.
  •  Send email after power on – Emails you when the thief turns your phone back on (e.g. when they are home).
  •  Take multiple photos – Includes three photos in the email instead of one. Each photo is taken roughly one second apart.
  •  Record sound – Records 20 seconds of high quality sound using the built-in microphone.
  •  Turn on data connection – Automatically turn your data connection on and off if needed (Android 4.x only).
  •  Send an SMS to a friend – If there is no data connection, sends an SMS with the location of your phone.


  • Lockwatch - Thief Catcher Screenshot
  • Lockwatch - Thief Catcher Screenshot
  • Lockwatch - Thief Catcher Screenshot
  • Lockwatch - Thief Catcher Screenshot
  • Lockwatch - Thief Catcher Screenshot

Downloads : PREMIUM features Unlocked

Lockwatch – Anti-Theft v7.5.0 Premium APK / Mirror

Lockwatch – Anti-Theft v6.1.1 Premium APK / Mirror


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  1. Zippy says:

    When it sends email after unlock attempt, it says in the email that the application is corrupt.

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