Light Manager is an android application that serves to regulate the LED color on Android phones when there is incoming notifications. With this application, you can control and set the color LEDs of different notifications, such as notification of incoming SMS messages, incoming calls, weak batteries conditions, there is no network signal conditions, and so forth into the red, green, blue, and others. If you want to change the color you like (custom color), go to the settings menu and change application color as you like via the settings menu hex code. After that, you have to get the LED and notification in accordance with your own desires.

On Android 4.1 and 4.2, ROOT is required for those mark with asterisk *. After grant the ROOT permission, you need to restart Light Manager for changes to take effect. However ROOT is not required anymore from Android 4.3 onwards. You need to enable the Notification Access for Light Manager at Setting > Security > Notification Access > Light Manager.

There are two operating modes:
1) Normal Mode – Only LED color for the first notification will be flashing
2) Alternating Mode – A few LED colors will be flashing alternately when multiple notifications are received

You may go to the test section to test whether this app works for your device.

For Samsung Galaxy SIII (JB):

  • Device’s screen needs to be turned off in order for the notification LED to work
  • You need to go to Setting > Display > LED indicator and enable “Notifications” in order for this application to work



– Fix crash right after boot up and receive SMS
– Added black theme
– Change app icon
– Fix facebook LED not working
– Disable free version automatically if pro version is used
– Showing sleeping time notification
– Fixed MeasurementBrokerService issue to reduce memory usage
– Fix if charging LED is showing, then notification comes, after read in PC, charging LED not showing back
– Fix voicemail LED notification not working with missed call LED
– Added missing translation


  • Light Manager Pro Screenshot
  • Light Manager Pro Screenshot
  • Light Manager Pro Screenshot
  • Light Manager Pro Screenshot
  • Light Manager Pro Screenshot
  • Light Manager Pro Screenshot
  • Light Manager Pro Screenshot

Download Link

Light Manager Pro v10.3 Cracked Apk / Mirror

Light Manager Pro v10.2 Patched APK / Mirror


Light Manager Pro v9.7 Full APK / Alternative Link