IR Universal Remote™ turns your phone into areal universal remote controller. Use your phone’s built in IRBlaster to control infrared devices such as your TV, Cable Box,Satellite Receiver, Bluray Player, Sound Bar, DVD Player, GameConsole, DVR, and more! Don’t have an IR Blaster? No problem! IRUniversal Remote also has smart remote control capabilities. Fullycontrol your LG Smart TV, WebOS, Samsung Smart TV, and Roku overWiFi and cast your favorite photos, videos, and music toChromecast, Xbox One, Android TV, Fire TV, and Roku. There arethousands of supported manufacturer models with hundreds ofthousands of IR remote codes. Over 1,000,000+ supported devices andgrowing! New devices are being added every day. Whether you need aTV remote controller or a way to stream your videos to yourChromecast you can always use IR Universal Remote.


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IR Universal Remote + WiFi Pro v1.01x build 24 / Alternative Link