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IMEI Tools

IMEI Tools

IMEI Tools is a VERY Powerful IMEI Tweaking Tool

App features :
1. IMEI Generator (Can generate up to 500,000 IMEIs at a go)
2. MTK Engineering
3. Blacklist Checker
4. Root Checker
5. IMEI Analyzer
6. Android Settings
7. Samsung Settings

– Are you planning to buy a used phone?
– Are you selling second-hand phones and you want the best for your customers?
– You have already bought a phone but you can’t make calls and send messages?
– Your phone was lost or stolen?

If you answered “YES” to at least one question that means our BLACKLIST CHECKER is for you!
Blacklist Checker is used to check if the IMEI you supplied has been Reported Stolen, Lost or Blocked. This is a VERY USEFUL tool to avoid buying or using phones with reported IMEIs.

✔ Root Checker this Checks if your device is has been ROOTED

✔ MTK Engineering can only be used with Phones that employ the Use of MTK Chip ONLY. With MTK Engineering you can CHANGE YOUR IMEI (back up your previous IMEI before you do this) or do numerous device configurations, but be careful with this option to avoid damaging your Phone or voiding your warranty.

✔ Android Settings will open a hidden Settings Menu on your Phone Where you can get information such as
– Phone Information
– Battery Information (power plug, battery level, battery scale, battery temperature and so on)
– Usage Statistics
– Wi-Fi Information

✔ Samsung Settings can ONLY be used if you use a SAMSUNG Device. It will open a secret menu on your phone where you can further customize your phone.

✔ The ‘PHONE IMEI’ tab contains a list IMEIs for different phones (including latest phones). And guess what? You can generate up to 500 thousand IMEIs from a single tap without any No Duplicate. All generated IMEIs are Unique.
Generated IMEIs are also ordered for easy use.
I know you must be thinking “This is Super Cool, How do I use it?”

– Pick a phone of choice from the list
– Pick quantity to generate: 15, …, or 500,000.
– Tap ‘Generate’ button

✔ The ‘GENERATOR’ tab is a supplement to PHONE IMEI tab. In this tab you can enter any Arbitrary IMEI (between 8  – 12 digits) and it will generate the complete IMEI. The list is guaranteed to contain zero duplicates.
– Input between 8 – 12 digits
– Pick quantity to generate : 15, …, or 500,000.
– Tap ‘Generate’

✔ The ‘ANALYZER’ tab can be used to analyse IMEI pieces by piece, get your IMEI information & check if an IMEI is valid or Not.

✔ SHARE, COPY or SAVE your generated IMEIs.

This App is very easy to use coupled, locked and loaded with USEFUL features and has very friendly user interface.

This is simply the best IMEI Blacklist Checker, IMEI Generator, MTK Engineering, Root Checker, Samsung Settings, Android Setting, IMEI Analyzing tool out here!

Are you still Reading? stop and DOWNLOAD NOW!

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– Leave a review and say something Nice everyone likes a Compliment!
– Recommend it to Others. Be your brother’s keeper, sharing is caring!

1. Edge Dev Studio will not be responsible for any illegal actions that may be done with help of this software. This tool is intended to be used for finding information about IMEI and for testing/educational purposes. It is not intended for IMEI-spoofing, especially in countries that explicitly forbids this practice.

  1. This App (IMEI Tools) can not track your lost phone!


★ GDPR Compliant
★ IMEI Blacklist Checker FIXED!
★ Root Checker 100%
★ MTK Settings ✔️
★ Samsung Settings ✔️
★ Android Settings ✔️
★ Language Menu
✔️ IMEI Tools Forum, Coming Soon!
Join us –

MOD AdFree 
Ads version Unlocked;
Analytics disabled;
All ads and services calls from Activity removed;
No Forced Update.


The app was not found in the store. 🙁


IMEI Tools v8.0 [Mod] / Mirror

IMEI Tools v7.4 [Mod] / Mirror

IMEI Tools v7.2 [Mod] / Mirror

2 comments on "IMEI Tools v8.0 [Mod] [Latest]"

  1. Pedro Augusto says:

    Thanks ^^

  2. rvez says:

    For v8.0 I’m getting a incomplete file 3.24mb. Went to the v7.9 a couple pages on, there is no v7.9 it has v8.0 which is also bad there. It’s bad for both servers both places. v7.4 I have that one.

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