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Hyperion Launcher is a great widget launcher for Android smartphones. The advantage of this application is that it has a lot of great features such as wallpapers, animations, icons, etc. It’s super lightweight.

Are you looking for a suitable launcher for your phone? Then Hyperion Launcher is for you. This is a new launcher. It’s not the best, but it can support all Android OS on any smartphone. It has a lot of features but not a lot of space, which is why this application is trusted by many people. The free version reduces costs for users!

Great features for your desktop

This launcher allows users to update their devices and discover even more features of their phones. Hyperion Launcher brings more novelty to your boring screen with its Desktop Settings feature. A variety of intricately designed themes with styles such as minimalism and modern. Deep Dark Mode makes your phone screen look more attractive. Also, the user can change his pack of icons on the fly without stopping the running animation.

Users can easily access the application by swiping up to open the application or using the main application icon. On the desktop main interface, users can choose to display the desired application. Hold down the application icon and drag it to any position in the interface menu. Alternatively, you can hide the application from your desktop to optimize her UI space for displaying other important information. In addition, user can set quick her passcode or key with fingerprint lock. The system is secure and no information is shared with other partners.

Dynamic calendar and weather by location

Hyperion Launcher allows users to quickly check the date, time and weather without unlocking the phone. With the dynamic calendar feature, users need to select the time zone and region they live in to best display the current time of their location. More simply, if you want to identify where to display the date and time automatically without manual intervention. In settings, choose to display a simple dynamic calendar. You can change the color and brightness of the image to make your phone stand out from your daily life.

Also new in the application is the ability to view the weather without accessing the weather application. To set this app on your phone, simply enable geolocation and allow the app to access your location. Different time and weather layouts are displayed on the phone interface and lock screen on the desktop. Users can choose the most comfortable style for their phone.

Experience Utility Animation Features

Animations are nothing new to launchers. However, with the Hyperion Launcher, the animation runs super fast and smooth. Light and dark modes make your photos more beautiful. Older images are gradually blurred as they transition to the next, creating a cinematic effect. Users can bring back old images through physical return campaigns.

Additionally, the application has some interesting dock-related features such as: B. Dock/shadow bar style, dock display style, drawer, dock dimming, etc. But integrating too many features creates many problems. You will be amazed at the huge savings. Big savings here means both money savings and disk space savings. The application is free and users can download and use it for free on any platform. The app also saves phone storage space compared to many other launchers.

Fitur utama

  • A free memory-saving utility launcher suitable for all smartphone operating systems
  • Change your background and lock screen with different beautifully designed themes. Change icon packs on the fly without stopping the animation
  • Customize the user interface by repositioning applications or hiding unwanted applications. More convenient operation with wallpaper gradient adjustment mode and swipe
  • Allow the app to access your location and use dynamic calendar features with accurate weather and local time without opening the Weather app.
  • Animations run at lightning fast and smooth speed and the dock comes with many attractive features.

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hyperion launcher v2.0.55 [Plus] [Mod] / Cermin

hyperion launcher v2.0.54 [Plus] [Mod] / Cermin

hyperion launcher v2.0.51 [Plus] [Mod] / Cermin

SAI / Cermin

Apa Yang Baru

Hyperion 2 telah hadir! 🚀

Dengan sistem tema yang baru, animasi transisi rumah dan banyak sekali perbaikan. Pembaruan ini adalah pembaruan terbesar yang pernah kami lakukan!

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