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A brand new version of the world-famous multiplayer game with bowmen! See what a hotsy-totsy aim and shoot game Bowmasters has in store for you:
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If you’re searching for a game that combines humor and danger, look no further than Bowmasters, the two-player shooter that promises endless fun for you and your loved ones. This unique game delivers humor through every character’s gestures, actions, and expressions, guaranteeing plenty of laughs. Plus, with its straightforward gameplay suitable for all ages, Bowmasters is a game that anyone can enjoy.

Special Missions: A World of Hotsy-Totsy Action

Bowmasters is renowned for its hotsy-totsy point-and-shoot action, providing a fresh take on the gaming world. In this exciting game, your primary mission is to aim and fire at your opponent. It’s a simple process: just drag and drop your weapon of choice. What sets Bowmasters apart is that your adversary is not controlled by artificial intelligence; it’s another player, making the competition even more thrilling. And in some game modes, you might even find yourself facing off against birds!

Opponent’s Blood: The Measure of Success

In Bowmasters, your success is measured by your opponent’s health. Your goal is to make your enemy lose a certain amount of blood in different parts of their body. Generally, the more dangerous the shot, the weaker your opponent becomes, resulting in more significant blood loss. The head is the most vulnerable area, as hitting it can quickly deplete your opponent’s health.

Game Devices: Strategic Battlefields

When you step into Bowmasters, you and your opponent stand in separate positions, with obstacles between you. The terrain is elevated relative to your characters, providing cover and adding a strategic element to the game. The game concludes when one of the heroes runs out of health, bringing their energy level down to zero.

Unique Rewards: Collect and Conquer

Like many other games, Bowmasters offers fantastic rewards for victorious players. After a win, a chest box opens to reveal a variety of interesting and attractive items. Each item has its own unique use and can be employed to gain an advantage in future battles. To become unbeatable, you’ll need to collect and assemble the most valuable collection of items.

Fun and Diverse Characters: Over 60 to Choose From

Bowmasters boasts a diverse character system with more than 60 exclusively designed characters for you to choose and enjoy. Each character is unique, dressed in distinctive costumes and accessories, and has its own personality and strengths.

Weapons: Inseparable Companions

In Bowmasters, characters come with a special weapon system that represents their strength. Unlike other games, players don’t have the freedom to choose their weapons. Each weapon inflicts different levels of damage, and there’s a surprising twist: bigger isn’t always better. Heavy weapons may not deliver the throwing force you expect.

Use Money to Buy Characters: Unlocking Power

To access new characters, you’ll need to defeat the enemy in the previous level—a key to unlocking their power. Additionally, you can use virtual currency earned from previous victories to purchase characters from in-game stores. If you’re in a hurry to expand your character roster, you can even use real money.

Play Mode Selection: Never a Dull Moment

Bowmasters keeps players engaged with a variety of game modes. You can freely switch between modes without any restrictions. Challenge yourself by aiming at flying birds in one mode or test your precision by targeting fruit on your opponent’s head in another. The common feature of these modes is that they all come with predefined time limits.

Incredible Graphics: A Visual Delight

Bowmasters dazzles players with its vivid 2D graphics and stunning effects. The colorful and fun battlefield details, including soil and trees, add to the game’s visual appeal. The weapon’s light streaks, which vary depending on the weapon used, contribute to the overall excitement. Keep an eye out for the amusing facial expressions and movements of your opponent when they’re hit.

Bowmasters offers a combination of humor, strategy, and excitement that makes it a must-play game for gamers of all ages. So grab your bow, choose your character, and get ready for some hilarious and action-packed battles!

What's new

•We've made several enhancements to make your in-game progress even more convenient and intuitive. Now, you can easily track your progress and achievements right from the main menu.

•We've added haptic feedback to our game. Feel the real bow shooting in the palm of your hand.

•New Season with unique characters and rewards. Defeat opponents, earn points, and claim valuable rewards.



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