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Go Walking Fake GPS Location makes interactive location spoofing possible. Use the accelerometer and tilt your phone to walk around the map.

Go Walking Fake GPS Location makes interactive location spoofing possible. Use the accelerometer and tilt your phone to walk around the map. Shake your phone to stop and start walking. This app provides a service that lets you control your position by moving your phone.

It works with many apps and games!

Please keep maps fixed to facing north in order to walk in the expected direction.

Thank you for buying the Donation-Version of this app.
This version is ad-free and free of analytics SDKs to be more memory efficient.
The map provider does track anonymous data. You can disable it by clicking on the “i” icon.

Please understand if there are bugs and errors as the app is still new. I am very happy if you contact me at [email protected] so I can improve the app.


• Set your position by selecting a point on a map, your GPS or by entering coordinates
• Use the accelerometer to interactively move around by tilting your phone
• Shake your phone to stop and start walking
• Remembers your last position
• Minimize app / kill all app components except the service to reduce memory footprint
• Notification to restart the service from within other apps with known last location
• Automatic altitude and bearing
• More features coming


1. Allow Mock Locations in Android Developer Menu. To access developer menu open About Phone Settings from the android settings and find the build number info. Tap this item 7 times to enable developer options. Now open developer options and enable Allow Mock Locations. For Android 6 add Go Fake GPS Walking to the list of apps.

2. (Optional) Set Location Mode to Device only. This improves reliability.

3. Open App, (on Android 6 give the necessary location permissions), set location and have fun. Check on integrated map or Google Maps.

4. [For root users] No need to install this app as system app. To use this app with apps and games that restrict Mock Locations please install the Xposed Framework (for an easy way use the Xposed Installer http://repo.xposed.info/module/de.robv.android.xposed.installer ) and install the module Mock Mock Locations. Use this module to hide the Mock Location only for the app you want to spoof.

5. If your location does not reset to your real location after stopping the service please change location accuracy to High accuracy, disable Allow Mock Locations in Developer Settings and restart your phone. Then try to get a GPS position in Google Maps.

Terms of use:

Using this app to spoof other apps can violate their terms of service. This app is intended to be used for development and testing. It is forbidden to use this app for any activity that is against applicable law in your country. There are always many possibilities to determine your real location. By using this app you agree to these terms. The developer of this app takes no responsibly and does not guarantee any functionality.


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