Glow Substratum Theme APK

Glow Substratum theme is designed to work with the Roms with OMS/RRO legacy support. This will not work with CMTE. If you’re planning to use it with CM14/14.1 with legacy support, do it on your own risk.

Glow is a unique combination of dark backgrounds and some wonderful glowing icons. The quick settings icons have kind of a 3D look, which gives you the feeling of pressing actual buttons.

There are four color options Blue, Green, Red and Pink.
The theme is huge in size, because this kind of stuff with color options need some space. :)

What is themed
● Framework
● SystemUI
● Dialer
● Contacts
● Gmail
● Play store
● Google Search
● Messaging
● Settings
● Google Hangouts
● Google Plus
● More to come.

Once you apply it, make sure to restart your phone for it to take full effect.
If you find any bug with the theme, contact us via email, We’ll fix it asap.

v 2.0
-Added support for roms like AICP,Tesla,RR etc
-Redone all overlays(Fixed all existing issues i could find)
-Themed Omnijaws(weather QS tile)
-Themed Substratum app
-Added a font pack
-Added Audio pack
-Added Bootanimation
-Removed whatsapp overlay temporarily
-FIxed settings background.
-Added new switches,radio buttons, checkboxes.
-AOSP keyboard now has 4 color options.


  • Glow Substratum Theme Screenshot
  • Glow Substratum Theme Screenshot

Download : NO LP or GP Modded Needed

Glow Substratum Theme v2.0 [Patched] APK / Mirror / Mirror

Glow Substratum Theme v1.2 [Patched] APK / Mirror