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Fast Finder

Tired of scrolling through long list of apps? Tired of looking for a particular file through thousands of files? Fast Finder offers a simple solution to these problems. Just enter the app name or file name and the app will search those files for you. It can search through thousands of files in

Launch apps faster
Type a portion of the app name and all the relevant apps will be shown. Click on the app to launch it or long click to open app options.

Search files
Search for files which are hidden deep in file browser.

Advanced file search
The app has advanced search functionality. Type ‘gif’ to list gif files. Type ‘gif searchterm’ to search for certain gif files.

Web search
Type query and search in Google app, play store , all browser apps, etc.

Tasker integration
Search and run tasker tasks.

Customize the app with light, dark or amoled theme.

Fast Finder has been integrated with Flick Launcher. With double tap gesture, the app can be launched from home screen of the launcher.
Fast Finder can also be integrated with other apps.

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• Shorthand search for apps. For example, type “ps” to search Play Store or “pc” to search Pocket Cast.
• Customize no of apps to display in search results
• Fixed popup getting clipped

● Paid Features Unlocked

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Fast Finder v0.24.0 [Pro] / Mirror

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Fast Finder v0.23.0 [Pro] / Mirror

Fast Finder v0.20.0 [Pro] / Mirror

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