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EasyDisk is an ultimate Disk Cleanup tool for your Android phone, which cleans your disks manually with your help. This amazing clean up tool efficiently clean up unneeded files efficiently from your phone’s internal storage and external storage and even USB OTG.

We use advance algorithm to create this storage cleaner app so it will work more efficiently in getting rid of junk files while preserving important files.

If you have trouble getting rid of junk files without also deleting important files, you should try Disk Clean Up now.
Our Disk Cleaner Tool is the best Disk Management app for any Android Phone. Disk Cleanup has awesome features such as:
– Clean up tool for internal storage and external storage such as an SD card.
– Manage and clean your USB OTG with Easydisk, an advance feature you can’t find on other storage cleaner apps.
– Manage and see what’s taking up space in your phone.
– Advance Directory algorithm mapping to map your phone’s files.
– Our disk cleaner will discover which unnecessary data is clogging your phone’s storage, gives you an overview of those files, and delete them to save space.
– A timer to cancel permanent deletion to prevent you accidentally delete some files.

Each phone is unique. This is why we use advance algorithm method to scan your phone and map the Directory for more efficient storage cleaning process. To prevent accidental deletion, we also give you preview of the unnecessary data before helping you getting rid of junk files permanently. Our most advance feature right now is ability to clean your USB OTG using Daisydisk, which is not available from other disk cleanup tools. These are some of our best features that make Disk Cleanup stand out from other similar disk clean up tools.
So, if you need an effective storage cleaner that won’t accidentally getting rid of your important files, you should install Disk CleanUp on your phone now


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