DevCheck Device & System Info MOD APK (Pro Unlocked)

Monitor your hardware in real time and get complete information about your device model, CPU, GPU, memory, battery, camera, storage, network, sensors and operating system. DevCheck shows all the information you need about your hardware and operating system in a clear, accurate and organized way.
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DevCheck is an application that allows you to measure all important basic metrics your device has. Center consoles, systems, application management software, batteries, or cameras are all very well used.

DevCheck Hardware and System Info is an application that can quickly provide users with basic information about their device. If you have any questions about the detailed parameters of the device you are using, this will be your application. With this application, users are scanned by the system, their parameters are collected and sent in the most suitable way.


Center console parameters

The first thing that users who really care about their device should pay attention to is definitely the central control system. A mobile device’s central control system seems to be the most important brain that can control the rest. DevCheck allows users to monitor CPU and GPU frequencies and other related parameters such as temperature, uptime, etc. in real time.

Device hardware type

In addition to the main brain, the central control panel, the device includes other components to form a complete version. Also, all other features of the device, such as memory, storage, and Bluetooth, are considered the basic hardware of the phone. To test your device’s hardware in the best possible way, this application helps you identify the chip name and manufacturer, architecture, processor core, size, etc.

DevCheck apk

Device system parameters

Knowing the system parameters is certainly important if you already know the detailed hardware parameters of your application. Every small part of the system must also be perfectly functional for the device to function optimally. This application allows you to quickly get information about your Android version’s bootloader, radio, serial number, and device ID.

Phone battery status

One of the biggest concerns users have with their devices has always been battery health. Users always want to know the battery status so that they can adjust their daily usage time. All measurements and detailed statistics parameters for battery status, temperature, fluid level and voltage make it easy to meet your needs.

DevCheck pro

Manage Application

Applications play a key role in enabling devices to provide optimal service to their users. But if you’re not regularly monitoring the apps running on your device, that’s a problem. DevCheck gives you insight and helps you manage all the apps running on your device so you don’t have to worry too much.

Camera specs

Finally, the camera has become an integral part of today’s mobile phones. Today’s mobile device users demand the best camera quality from their devices to take great photos. The application then helps you learn about specifications such as resolution (megapixels), sensor size, and pixel size for the front and rear cameras.

DevCheck mod

Key Features

This application provides users with all the necessary parameters for their phone or tablet.

The parameters relating to the center console are the most important parameters affecting the performance of the device.

It lists in detail the most basic information about your device’s hardware and system.

Necessary hardware that users always care about, such as front and rear cameras and batteries, counts.

Highly accurate measurements of other parts such as applications, sensors and networks of devices.


  • DevCheck Device & System Info Screenshot
  • DevCheck Device & System Info Screenshot
  • DevCheck Device & System Info Screenshot
  • DevCheck Device & System Info Screenshot
  • DevCheck Device & System Info Screenshot
  • DevCheck Device & System Info Screenshot
  • DevCheck Device & System Info Screenshot
  • DevCheck Device & System Info Screenshot
  • DevCheck Device & System Info Screenshot
  • DevCheck Device & System Info Screenshot


DevCheck Device & System Info v4.75 APK [Pro] / Mirror

DevCheck Device & System Info v4.73 APK [Pro Mod] / Mirror

DevCheck Device & System Info v4.70 APK [Pro Mod] / Mirror

What's new

-support new devices and hardware
-improve ethernet, sensor and battery info
-support multiple displays
-add CPU Analysis tool
-bug fixes and improvements
-update translations

-support Android 15 preview
-improve hardware detection
-improve battery info
-update widgets

-update SafetyNet to Play Integrity API
-probe GPU memory size for Adreno
-probe core count, L2 cache size and arch for Mali
-add Widgets (PRO version)
-add Permissions explorer (PRO version)


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