Deliveries Package Tracker MOD APK (Pro Unlocked)

With "Deliveries" for Android you can keep track of all your parcels at a glance. Wherever you are, just add the delivery via its tracking ID and find out where it is. It's just one click away!
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The perfect functionality brought by this application allows users to observe the transportation of goods efficiently and comprehensively. No matter where you are, you can know where your package is and decide when it will be delivered. Integration with shipping systems allows users to search and track them. Users can effectively use Delivery Package Tracker in a few simple steps. The application supports connecting to many shipping companies around the world to give users the best possible experience.

Deliveries Package Tracker

Sending notifications to provide information about orders

With Delivery Package Tracker, users will always receive up-to-date background notifications about their orders from the application’s system. If there are any obstacles or problems in moving these orders, the application system will send relevant information. With such push notification functionality, users can read notifications easier, easier and faster without having to access the app. Once your order has been shipped to a new location, our system will also send you relevant notifications so you can clearly and accurately understand the status of your order.

We bring you the best experience

The application is always reasonable and brings people the most convenient and convenient functions. Users can easily track their orders via Google Maps. The system is connected to many logistics partners in order to be able to update the exact location of the order. The app syncs delivery across various devices and is optimized for tablets. This application feature allows users to enjoy perfect service without spending a single cent.

Deliveries Package Tracker Apk

Add a widget to your device’s home screen

The user can avoid the inconvenience and distraction caused by advertisements while using this application. As a result, users get a more satisfying experience. Plus, it’s a very new and unique application that unlocks a wide variety of customization options. For more options, the user simply clicks on the application’s shopping cart and chooses what he or she wants. Also, users can add many widgets to their home screen without opening the application, saving a lot of time and effort.

Order faster and more conveniently

The user simply enters the order into the application’s system and waits for synchronization. All orders are also closely tracked so that we can update accurate information on order movements. Users can also access different application themes and install more add-ons. Delivery Package Tracker also lets you mute notifications or easily switch to silent mode to avoid distractions and noise in public places.

Deliveries Package Tracker Pro

Improve other features to make the application more complete

This application supports different languages ​​of the world, so people can use it everywhere. To update the notification, the player simply shakes the device. This application is becoming more and more popular, well known and associated with more carriers. The app also fixes some functionality and shortcut issues to bring you the best experience.The application interface is also easy to see and understand, making it easy for users to find and access the application.


  • Deliveries Package Tracker Screenshot
  • Deliveries Package Tracker Screenshot
  • Deliveries Package Tracker Screenshot
  • Deliveries Package Tracker Screenshot
  • Deliveries Package Tracker Screenshot
  • Deliveries Package Tracker Screenshot
  • Deliveries Package Tracker Screenshot
  • Deliveries Package Tracker Screenshot
  • Deliveries Package Tracker Screenshot

What's new

New in v5.7.23:
- fixed issues with Cainiao Global Order Tracking and GLS
- removed native support for UPS 🙁 (still searching for a new solution)
- bug fixes

New in v5.7.22:
- fixed issues with Amazon, Cainiao Global Order Tracking, China Post, Correios, DHL, DHL eCommerce, DHL Express, OPT New Caledonia, Post Norway (Bring), Relais Colis and Sendle
- bug fixes

All changes:


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