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Crypto - Tools for Encryption & Cryptography

Crypto – The unique cryptography app with numerous & useful features Suitable for learning, testing & applying.

• Encryption
• Hashing
• Encoding/Decoding
• Mathematical functions
• Secure Communication Tools (Certificates & Key Exchange)
• Analysis
• Tools

This makes Crypto unique:
• Beautiful & modern Material Design
• Useful implemented features
• Info pages for a lot of functions (implementation details etc.)
• Sharing/Copy-pasting your texts & content made very easy & powerful
• Save frequently used functions as favorites
• Powerful Secure Communication Tools as an approach to provide secure encryption as a security add-on for every untrusted messaging or email service

Cryptographic functions
• Caesar
• Vigenère
• Skytale
• Blowfish
• Twofish
• RC4
• Salsa20
• ChaCha

Analysis Functions
• Frequency Analysis
• Caesar Brute Force
• Factorization
• Prime Search
• Find Divisors
• Convert RSA modulus
• Decode PEM certificate

Asymmetric Methods
• Diffie Hellman
• El Gamal

• Prime test (Fermat, Miller Rabin)
• Euler toitent function
• GCD (Euklid) & Multiplicative Inverse in a Field

• MD2
• MD4
• MD5
• SHA-1
• SHA-2
• SHA-3
• Tiger
• Whirlpool
• Gost3411

HMAC – Keyed-Hash Message Authentication Code
• MD2
• MD4
• MD5
• SHA1
• SHA2
• Tiger
• Whirlpool
• Gost3411

MAC – Message Authentication Code
• Skein
• Poly1305

KDF – Key Derivation Function
• Scrypt

• Base64
• Hexadecimal
• Binary

• Base64
• Hexadecimal

• Export your PEM certificate(.pem .crt .cert .cer)
• QR code generator
• QR code decoder
• Advanced Base64 Encoding/Decoding

Secure Communication Tools
• Authentication (RSA certificates)
• Key Exchange (RSA Public Key Block Cipher Encryption)
• Encryption (AES-256)

What can you do with Crypto?
• Encrypt your messages for WhatsApp, Facebook, Telegram and other messengers
• Encrypt your texts to securely store or send them
• Save your passwords as hash
• Learning support with mathematical DH and RSA implementations
• Mathematical functions also suitable as everyday helpers

Some special use cases for Secure Communication Tools:
RSA Certificates
• Share your certificate to prove your identity
• You can securely & easily exchange secrets, passwords or session keys with RSA public keys included in the certificates

RSA Key Exchange
• Transfer your bank account number securely
• Share access codes (e.g. PDF passwords, Cloud access passwords) securely
• Exchange a session key for AES Encryption

AES Encryption
• Encrypt your text messages securely and share them (AES recommended instead of RSA because of performance)

If you have any problems, suggestions or questions, please email to [email protected]

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What’s New
• Bugfixes

Mod info:
~ Pro features unlocked.
Note: To enable user authentication, you must first need to create your own certificate in the app.

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  • Crypto - Encryption Tools Screenshot
  • Crypto - Encryption Tools Screenshot
  • Crypto - Encryption Tools Screenshot
  • Crypto - Encryption Tools Screenshot
  • Crypto - Encryption Tools Screenshot
  • Crypto - Encryption Tools Screenshot
  • Crypto - Encryption Tools Screenshot
  • Crypto - Encryption Tools Screenshot


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