Bass Booster and Equalizer Pro is a ten-band music player which has premium features
To give extra bass effect use 10 band EQ system. If you are a music lover, you have to experience these feature:
— 10 Band Equalizer System modify your audio quality to sync with your mood.
— 9 default presets available to change audio frequencies instantly on different band level.
— A Power Boost key available to boost your audio at maximum level as possible in your device
— Bass Tuner allow you to increase or decrease bass effect according to you
— You can listen only vocal by tune sounds with vocal tuner
— Experience stereo and mono effect of your favorite music with L/R Balance
— Enjoy player with beautiful themes: blue like you are rock, lovely as pink and white to descent .
— Music Volume can be boost with volume tuner
— Ultimate Music Browser tool available to filter and show music totally according to you.
— Different search filters available like Artist, Album, Genre and Folder Music .
— Customization of playlist allow you to easily drag drop music for delete and reordering audio in your favorite list.
— You can add song in special Now Playing category without change your playlist due to this you can listen your favorite music in next
All available presets are:

1. Dance
2. Heavy Metal
3. Jazz
4. Flat
5. Normal
6. Rock
7. Pop
8. Folk
9. Latin

* Note : Pro version of bass booster and equalizer is totally Ad-free .


  • All bugs fixed, Some songs browsing features integrated.


  • Bass Booster and Equalizer Pro Screenshot
  • Bass Booster and Equalizer Pro Screenshot
  • Bass Booster and Equalizer Pro Screenshot