In the simplest case, for autodial you must enter the number to make a call and click Start. At the same time set the following parameters:
– Duration of the call. Unfortunately, hang up after the answer is technically implemented in the application developers do not seem to be possible.
– Number of calls (by default, 10).
– The interval between calls (by default, 5 seconds).

A simple program to automatically make calls to a specified number.

1.Call a number again and again
2.Auto hangup each call after specific time given by user

3.Enable/disable speaker for calls
4.Stop further calls at any time.This feature also ends current running call.
5.Stop further calls at any time and continue with current call.This feature ignore time set for each call.So the call continue till the call ended manually by user.
6.Displays number of completed calls on screen
In case of dual sim mobiles please select a default sim to call in your phone settings before using the app
Please note that The OS might kill the app if it is out of resources.i.e app doesnt work well if your device has very less memory.In that case free some memory and try.
What’s New
*added feature: numbers can be chosen from contacts to dial.


The app was not found in the store. 🙁


Auto Redial v1.55 [Pro] / Mirror

Older Version

Auto Redial v1.03 [Pro] / Mirror

Auto Redial v0.56 [Ad-Free] / Mirror