Hack with Android™ and Kali/BackTrack Linux! The most complete hacking application on the Market!
Unlike other hacking applications on the Market, this app:

-Only requires Internet to download the various hacking apps. The tutorials are pre-loaded.

-All the hacks included can be done right on your Android phone, without the need of a computer.

-Includes links to the hacking apps

-Does not harvest personal information like other apps

This app explains how to:

-Gain access to Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Amazon, LinkedIn, eBay, etc. accounts
-Crack Wifi WEP and WPA passwords
-Carry out Denial-of-Service (DOS) Attacks
-Carry out SQL Injection Attacks
-Capture and read network traffic
-Flip/change images on a webpage for anyone on the network
-View images shared on a network
-Inject JavaScript into webpages
-Redirect webpages on a network
-Redirect YouTube videos to a rickroll
-Protect yourself against malicious attacks on a network, such as a Denial-of-Service Attack, or other Man-In-The-Middle attacks
-Remain anonymous on the internet
-Install Kali Linux/BackTrack 5 on Android
-Hacking with Kali Linux/BackTrack 5
-Much more…

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AndroHacks v2.7.1 Patched APK / Mirror