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Reddit is an open world about the lifestyles and knowledge of millions of people around the world. This is an application where content is determined by the user system, i.e. posts. It’s safe to say that you can’t miss any genre once you step into this massive community. You can not only watch and learn, but also rate, ask questions, and have lively discussions with other users interested in each topic.

Different post formats

Reddit is an environment where users can freely post and express their personal lives and opinions. You can choose from a variety of formats and post to suit your needs. Images and videos are the most commonly used formats. Additionally, links or text articles appear regularly. Best of all, user posts are completely free and unlimited in number.

A world of user inspiration

Post ideas are born from your unique needs and passions. This has created a huge community of resources full of different genres and themes. Specifically, according to statistics, there are over 100,000 available topic categories, from sports and travel to fashion and news. . Information I never thought would come out. They are the fruits of creativity and gray matter for many users around the world.

This place really attracts people who enjoy creating and manipulating EQs. A macro world, a world full of strangers and strangers. It’s a valuable source of inspiration for unique, one-of-a-kind ideas that don’t need to be put off. In addition, this is also a knowledge base for people who want to learn recipes, ikebana, sewing, etc. but are not good at asking questions in front of people.

Freedom to Express Personal Opinion

Under each post there is a section dedicated to other users enjoying it. This is a place where you can freely comment, discuss, and express your personal views on this post. It may be praise, criticism, approval or disapproval of the poster’s ideas or views. Other users can see your comment and reply to you. There is a heated conference-style discussion on Reddit.


Not only can you write a comment, but you can also evaluate it by agreeing or disagreeing, which is easy to understand. Posts will automatically appear on the homepage of the most popular content if they are highly rated. This is a testament to the desirability and viability of the post. To seize the opportunity to appear on the main page, you need to quickly get the hottest and latest information combined with photos, interesting and fun content.

Lifetime memory function

Reddit’s storage problem is a little different than popular social apps like Facebook and Instagram. In particular, official posts are automatically moved to the archive 6 months after they are uploaded to the community. This means you can still view and edit them, but third parties will not be able to comment or vote. This is a feature that contributes to effective information security.

Connection relationship

Reddit is considered an ideal place to socialize, socialize, and easily stay in touch with loved ones.If you want to know and care about someone’s life, a voice message or online call is not a bad idea. Seeing each other’s faces and hearing each other’s voices no matter how far apart geographically is no longer a big deal.

Each user has a personal profile. It allows you to express who you are and provide basic information about yourself. Includes current job, address, phone number, etc. It also includes social status, relationships with other users, number of friends, etc. From now on, no one can see your confidential information.

What is the premium special version?

In the basic version everything looks limited and very cool. However, with the premium version everything is more secure and profitable. First, you can enjoy exploring the application and looking for ideas without the distraction of promotional videos. Second, is your post getting a good response from the community? B. Numerous ratings and comments.

1. Hidden ads and promo posts (where it was possible)
2. Unlocked some Premium features (You need to log into your account)


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