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This abs workout contains workout schedule to perform in 42 days known as Aerobic Weider Six (Aerobic Six of Weider).
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A strong and toned core is an important aspect of overall fitness and health, but it can be difficult to know where to start when it comes to abdominal exercises. Abs Workout PRO is an Android app designed to help users get in shape and achieve their fitness goals by providing a comprehensive, easy-to-follow ab workout program.


Abs Workout PRO offers a variety of features to help users get the most out of their abdominal workouts:

Workout Programs

The app includes a variety of workout programs that are designed for users of all levels, from beginners to advanced fitness enthusiasts. The programs are easy to follow and are designed to help users target different muscle groups for a comprehensive workout.

Exercise Demonstrations

The app includes clear and concise video demonstrations of each exercise, making it easy for users to follow along and ensure proper form.

Tracking and Progress Monitoring

Abs Workout PRO includes tracking and progress monitoring features that allow users to see their progress and stay motivated. Users can track their sets, reps, and weight, and the app also provides progress charts and graphs to help users see their progress over time.

User Experience

The user experience of Abs Workout PRO is smooth and intuitive. The app has a clean and modern design that makes it easy to navigate and use. The workout programs are well-organized and the video demonstrations are clear and easy to follow.


Abs Workout PRO offers excellent support to its users. The app has a detailed FAQ section and users can also reach out to the support team if they have any questions or issues.


Abs Workout PRO is the ultimate abdominal exercise app for Android. With its workout programs, exercise demonstrations, and tracking and progress monitoring features, users can achieve their fitness goals and get in shape with ease. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced fitness enthusiast, Abs Workout PRO is a great option for anyone looking to target their abdominal muscles.


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Abs workout PRO v13.1.2 Patched APK / Mirror

Abs workout PRO v13 Patched APK / Mirror

Abs workout PRO v11.3 Patched APK / Mirror

What's new

Application build targets Android 13.
Added option to change completed workout date



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