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Refresh your smartphone with ZEDGE wallpapers and ringtones. If you’re too familiar with your phone to afford to buy a new one, or if you just want to change your old style, ZEDGE is for you. With a wide variety of genres such as HD wallpapers, dynamic wallpapers, ringtones and alarm sounds, you can freely customize your smartphone according to your taste and purpose.

Keeping up with modern trends

With the rise of GenZ, even Gen Alpha cannot meet the needs of all users, no matter how advanced the configuration of the phone. Breakthroughs in style, especially the idea of ​​admiring individualism in everyday life and personalizing smartphones to suit one’s own needs, are what young people are always aiming for.

ZEDGE™ Wallpapers & Ringtones has a constantly updated database of images and sounds to keep up with the trends of the times and bring you a variety of styles from Asia to Europe. Light resources and easy-to-use interface bring a lot of sympathy among users.The main colors are dark, mysterious, but captivating. With easy access to applications, customers can instantly get a new modern feel on their phone. Inspires you to have the best viewing angle and style for your phone.

Huge Important Wallpapers

A huge database of wallpapers awaits you. Everything is creatively designed and carefully selected. From cute to cool, from classic to modern, from light to dark, all styles are included. The wallpapers are divided according to different screen sizes, with quality ranging from Full HD to 4k, suitable for all device configurations. The publisher takes great care, so you don’t have to worry about your phone getting too old or too different.


A catalog of live wallpapers for all your needs.

Wouldn’t it be interesting if, when you opened your phone, the screen changed from just a static image to an eye-catching and fun video? Live wallpapers are also carefully checked to be adaptable to different types of mobile phones. Don’t worry too much about battery resources either. It works only once when you turn it on, so it has little impact on your phone’s battery.

Hundreds of ringtones, alarms and notification sounds

Instantly change old music on your smartphone with ZEDGE™ Wallpapers & Ringtones’ huge sound store. Would you believe me if I told you that this is the biggest audio shop you could find in one application? We have carefully created thousands of different songs with different melodies.

Alarm music and notification sounds are also updated with many innovative melodies. When they ring, they are guaranteed to grab your attention immediately with curiosity and excitement instead of the annoyance they used to have. ZEDGE’s sound store will bring a lot of fun and energy to your studies and work.

Data updates with your events and preferences

Like a close friend, the application saves and remembers your personal preferences to remind and reference similar data. For important holidays such as New Year’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Children’s Day, family vacations, and birthdays, the application is continuously updated to provide images and sounds suitable for the event. How exhilarating it would be to replace your phone regularly with important events of the year.


Improved facts retention for your account. Your process is now straightforward. Just a a success login, the utility will shop all of the modifications you’ve got got selected. Paid wallpapers and ringtones have additionally been added, and you may now spend a small sum of money to personal unique exceptional track or photographs. The fee for those offerings is likewise changed to make the operation simpler.

Remember, earlier than changing, and also you ought to ensure to permit the app to get right of entry to contacts, photos, media, storage, system, location. Don’t worry, and your non-public facts is clearly now no longer touched. The track and photographs in ZEDGE™ Wallpapers & Ringtones are precious, and it is time to extrade your acquainted phone.

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