Top rated IR Remote app! ZappIR is the new remote control for your TV and other home entertainment devices. Makes full use of the built in IR blaster in your Samsung, HTC One, LG G3, or Medion device with IR. The vast majority of remote controls use infrared signals, and your phone or tablet can send them!

Widgets allow basic IR remote control of all your devices without opening the app. Vast IR database includes more devices than any other remote app! Widgets can be on the lock screen if desired.

Now in over 40 Languages!

Works with all Samsung Galaxy S4 / S5 models including Mega and Mini.
Also supports the following tablet models:
* Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, Tab 3 and Tab 4
* Samsung Galaxy all Note models from 3 up
* Almost all newer Samsung tablets
* HTC One M7 and M8
* Medion Lifetab 7852
* NEW LG G3 Superphone


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ZappIR TV Remote PRO v2.60 / Alternative Link