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Get the official YouTube app on Android phones and tablets. See what the world is watching -- from the hottest music videos to what’s popular in gaming, fashion, beauty, news, learning and more. Subscribe to channels you love, create content of your own, share with friends, and watch on any device.
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➠ How to Install:
• Install MicroG Services (GMSCore)
• Then install YouTube ReVanced
• Open YouTube ReVanced
• Log in to your Google account

If you experience a playback buffering issue on your side:

– Disable or ignore battery optimization for MicroG Services (GMSCore) to prevent it from being killed in the background.

– Add a different Google account within YouTube ReVanced (Settings >> Account), switch to it and check if a playback buffering issue still occurs.


– Enable “Spoof player parameter” from ReVanced Extended settings ➤ Miscellanous

A clean install of YouTube ReVanced and MicroG Services (GMSCore) is recommended.


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YouTube ReVanced is an innovative alternative Android app that aims to provide an enhanced YouTube viewing experience. As the official successor to the popular YouTube Vanced app, ReVanced incorporates advanced features and improvements not found in the standard YouTube app.

A key highlight of ReVanced is its comprehensive ad-blocking capabilities. By eliminating annoying video and general advertisements, the app enables an uninterrupted, seamless viewing session. This ad-free experience directly addresses a common pain point for YouTube users, significantly improving their overall satisfaction.

In addition to ad-blocking, ReVanced offers several other valuable features. These include background playback for multitasking, the return of the dislike button for transparent user feedback, full swipe gesture controls for intuitive navigation, access to hidden short videos, support for high-quality HDR video playback, and extensive personalization options to tailor the app to individual preferences.

One notable advantage of ReVanced is its compatibility with both rooted and non-rooted Android devices. This inclusive approach ensures that a wide range of users can benefit from the app’s features, regardless of their device’s rooting status. The installation process is straightforward, making it accessible to all.

While ReVanced serves as the successor to Vanced, users can revert to the older version if necessary, ensuring a smooth transition during the development phase. This flexibility allows for a more seamless user experience as the app continues to evolve and improve.

Overall, YouTube ReVanced presents itself as a superior alternative to the native YouTube app, offering a familiar interface combined with essential fixes and enhancements. By addressing common user frustrations and providing advanced features, ReVanced elevates the YouTube viewing experience for Android users.


YouTube MOD 2



YouTube ReVanced v19.11.40 [Non-Root] / Mirror

YouTube ReVanced v19.09.37 [Non-Root] / Mirror

YouTube ReVanced v19.06.36 [Non-Root] / Mirror


YouTube ReVanced v19.11.40 [Non-Root] / Mirror


microG v0. / Mirror

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208 comments on "YouTube [Ad-Free & BG Play] No Root + Black Theme"

  1. Syah Southern says:

    Why notifications don’t work on Android 7.1.2?

  2. yivo says:

    Works for me like a charm (A9). Thanks.

  3. Sergio Marcucci Tamayo says:

    Thanks. Very cool

  4. Max says:

    Thank you. 15.38.35 works great

  5. Potaness says:

    Thanks again! it works 101%

  6. John says:

    I’ve got Android 11 update for Samsung s20+ One UI 3.0.

    Till that this was working… After update its not getting installed… 🙁

    Hope programming team will find a solution for this.

  7. Andrew says:

    I can t install this new version, V16.
    The app cant be installed on my Note 10 plus. I use previous version and works perfect. Now i need to upgrade but..what should i do about that?
    Hope someome have a solution.

  8. CarlosM says:

    the last version not working

  9. Potaness says:

    i can’t install microG.. always failed

  10. datnguyen says:

    Latest version v16.16.38. Thanks!

  11. M says:

    Finally this last version 16.14.34 and MicroG is working fine on my Redmi 4 prime, after a long time using version 15 of YouTube Vanced. Thanks to the developer for the proper apk mod.

  12. Duc says:

    Please. Latest version 16.20.35

  13. 00 says:

    Can’t sign in? ?

  14. gogos says:

    for x64 please..

  15. Sk MOSTAKIN ALI says:

    Thanks its very useful..but cannot sign Google

  16. Carlos says:

    Please new update 🙏

  17. Mav Joos says:

    Hey 18.43.45 version has no full black theme its the old grey style. Please fix it ASAP.

  18. Mav Joos says:

    New version lacks black theme??

  19. Mav Joos says:

    Thanks for listening its great now all black 🙏👍 thanks ❤️.

  20. Loud Lads says:

    Please update again. Thank you

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