VPN Speed v1.5 [Premium] [Latest]

SPEED is the fastest VPN on earth!
Easy to use, connect to more then 22 countries worldwide by only one click!

Get totally unlimited premium bandwidth – 100% Free!

The ONLY P2P & Torrent Friendly free VPN!
Share files & download torrents fast and anonymously.
(just make sure you do not violate anybody’s precious rights…)

Browse the web as if you were anywhere in the world.
Unblock blocked sites and apps such as Netflix, YouTube, Facebook, Google, Twitter, Skype, Viber, etc…
At school, at work or on a public network.
Bypasses Internet filters and firewalls – Ideal for people in countries with Internet censorship.

No Logs!
No Users’ logs collected or stored. No Users’ data sold out or shared!
No registration, no configuration, no root access!

Go on and try us! you will not be disappointed.


Server list expanded
UI improvements
Reliability optimization


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  • VPN Speed (Gratis Unbegrenzt) Screenshot
  • VPN Speed (Gratis Unbegrenzt) Screenshot
  • VPN Speed (Gratis Unbegrenzt) Screenshot
  • VPN Speed (Gratis Unbegrenzt) Screenshot
  • VPN Speed (Gratis Unbegrenzt) Screenshot


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1 thought on “VPN Speed v1.5 [Premium] [Latest]

  1. Gringo

    It has a hourly timer that you have to stand by to shutdown anything you dont want being exsposed otherwise it turns off every hour and your info gets grabbed .. if torrenting you could face some trouble if exsposed because you forgot to reset timer ..

    Also this VPN knocks your internet speed to a crawl , for example my speed test results without this VPN on a test that goes from 1 to 50 i get 40 to 50 nice and fast download speed and when i run this VPN and test i get 5 to 15 when i downloaded a movie it took hours which means i had to reset VPN timer over and over and make sure i didnt froget as our provider has been forced to banning people for movie downloads by the hollywood producers ….

    just thought people should know this if they dont already .. ap claims to be unlimited and fast and free but its none of those things maybe if you pay it will be good. but do you really wanna pay for a misleading false advertising app


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