Translucent Substratum Theme (Patched)

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You must be rooted and running a rom with OMS Substratum theme support to use this theme. if you have no idea what I am referring to, please don’t download because it will not work.

Please read the full description before purchasing or leaving a bad review, and if you have any problems or question, email me and I WILL get back to you and help! I completely understand how complicated some of these things can be and I will be there to support you!

Theme ready Gapps not needed but, will enhance your transparent experience. This will theme your stock Google apps!


1) Download and open Substratum app and select Translucent theme
2) Once open you must chose framework in order for other apps to become transparent.
3) Choose any other options of apps you want from various selections
4) Use the floating button at the bottom right to build and apply the overlays
5) Reboot(most changes will take affect instantly however, some may need a reboot)
6) If for some reason it takes an extreme long time for the overlays to work, simply reboot and apply again.


This theme allows your wallpaper to show as your background! In effect, you could have a different theme everyday when you change wallpapers.

-Many apps you have installed will become clear or translucent such as
-Notification drawer and all system UI
-Android Messages
-AOSP Messaging (MMS)
-AOSP Email
-Android Keyboard
-Nova Launcher
-Titanium Backup
-Google app and Google Assistant
-Google Play Store
-Google Inbox
-Google Music
-Google Calendar
-Google News and Weather
-Google Voice
-Google Phone in-call screen
-Google Camera
-Google Plus
-Google Photos
-Desk Clock
-Tesla Unread
-Omni Switch
-Documents/Files (for Android N only)
-Package Installer
-ChainFire Super Su app
-Magisk Manager
-Whats App
-Almost all your Android Framework such as Pop-up/menu screens
-And many more to come!

Google apps such as Contacts, Phone, Google Home, Keep, and, Gallery cannot be made transparent so I made them Inverted

!!! you also have control over system accent and primary colors for almost all Google Apps. This will change the basic color of your Play Store to match. For Google App itself you have a choice between half-transparent and full-transparent! Most other Google Apps you have a choice between Black or Transparent!! Simply check the colors and backgrounds you like and watch the magic!!!


If you want to go back to a android system/primary color section, Google App or other background shade, Navbar, and/or Battery icon previously applied you MUST clean installed overlays then apply your choice again. You can go through all 40 plus colors however, if you want to go back to one twice you must clean overlays.

How to Clean Installed Overlays:

1- Go to the upper right hand corner of Substratum (while inside the Translucent theme)
2- Click the three little white menu dots. This will drop-down a menu then hit the “clean installed overlays” section.
3- Wait for it to clean (takes like 5 seconds) your screen will flash dark then back on
4- Reboot your device, then your free to re-apply your choice again.
This process sucks however, system color on newer phones has become very difficult to theme/overlay, but it works every time!

If for any reason you run into problems or force closes, you can always flash the Substratum Rescue zip in custom recovery and that will get you back up and running.

Also, If you ever run into problems or force closes after an app updates, let Substratum uninstall the overlays and then reapply. 99 percent of the time it will work!

For those running Samsung TouchWiz, you WILL run into problems with this theme!


  • Translucent Substratum Theme Screenshot
  • Translucent Substratum Theme Screenshot
  • Translucent Substratum Theme Screenshot
  • Translucent Substratum Theme Screenshot
  • Translucent Substratum Theme Screenshot
  • Translucent Substratum Theme Screenshot
  • Translucent Substratum Theme Screenshot
  • Translucent Substratum Theme Screenshot


Translucent Substratum Theme v4.34 (Patched) / Mirror

Translucent Substratum Theme v4.28 [Patched] / Mirror

Translucent Substratum Theme v4.23 [Patched] / Mirror

What's new

Update 4.34
Updated Google App to
Updated Google Phone to V60
Updated Google Calendar to 2021.03.2
Updated Google Files to 1.0.352915835
Updated YouTube to 16.04.34
Due to current restrictions on theming, I cannot update this theme to Android 11, Samsung devices can still be themed for non-Google apps only. Try my Translucent Substratum One UI theme!!
Any problems email me [email protected]


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