Speed booster app with Simple Task killer, cache cleaner, Ram cleaner and Task manager. Easiest and simplest app you will ever see with some other essential cool features like Cache Cleaner, Ram / Speed booster, Memory cleaner even Batter saver and moreover it shows the information about your phone’s internal and external storage. This even works as Task manager, this app shows all available tasks running on your phone. This android application will not improve your mobile’s performance immensely, This app will clean the cache in your android smartphone clean cache / memory / Ram, which will ultimately speed up your phone and kill running processes. You may also call it Clean master  / Ram cleaner / Task killer.

Speed Booster – Boosting android phone speed was never easy, people struggle hard to get a better and smooth performance for their phone. This app helps to optimize the phone for better performance.
Task killer – Not all the running processes are usefull, sometimes too many running tasks slow up your phone and this amazing application helps you to kill those tasks.
Task manager – This android software helps you to find out all the running applications in your phone along with its Memory usage and CPU usage and you can clean the task you like.
Cache cleaner – Cache is something we all hate, cache slow up and consumes phone, this app helps to remove cache.
RAM cleaner – Ram sometimes run some unnecessary taks, thats useless and takes up most Ram space. Get rid of those and get a better Ram using this app.
Internal and external memory information – You can check your phone’s internal / external storage available, free and used storage.
Simple UI (user interface), easy to use – This app is designed for better user experience, which is very easy to use.

How to use

•Launch Speed Booster Premium and “BOOST” click on boost to start boosting and clean cache and memory. (Where you can even see used, free and total RAM)
•Go to “TASKS” and you can see all running tasks and you can kill all those in a click. You can uncheck some apps you don’t want to kill.
•Go to “MORE” and you can see all details of your internal and external storage.


Q: Why is my home reloaded ?
A: This is because some apps related to home is being killed / stopped, this may cause to reload. You may untick it if you wish.

Support for Speed Booster Premium

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Speed Booster Premium v1.0 / Alternative Link

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