Side Apps Bar+ allows you to run any application at any time.

Main Features
☆ creates two sidebars on the edges
(left sidebar and/or right sidebar)
☆ very customizable (set whatever you want)
☆ beautiful, convenient, efficient
☆ provides real multitasking

You can add icons from four category:
You can add all apps that are currently installed
on your phone.
Add shortcuts to the sidebar:
For example:
☆ Bookmark
☆ Contact
☆ Direct dial
☆ Direct message
☆ File
From here you can add all
important shortcuts to phone settings.
Add icons that call:
☆ Home button
☆ Back button
☆ Recent tasks button
☆ Notification bar
☆ Quick settings in
notification bar

In sidebar settings you can adjust:
☆ Icon pack (Nova, Go, Adw launchers)
☆ Icon -> size, transparency, color
☆ Background -> corners, transparency, color
☆ Shadow -> width, color
☆ Signatures (below icons) -> font type(sans, serif, monospace), font style, font size, font transparency
☆ Columns -> from one to four columns with shortcuts
☆ Bar -> height, location(top,center,bottom)
☆ And much more…

How to use Side Apps Bar?
☆First add icons to the bar.
☆Then swipe bar from the edge of the screen.
☆After that simply click icon to quickly switch
between tasks

As you can see Side Apps Bar – Edge Sidebar
is powerful multitasking tool.


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