Secrets of a Spy in VC (VK) v1.3.9 PRO [Latest]

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Secrets of a Spy in VC (VK)

Secrets of a Spy in VC (VK)

Key features of the application:

– Chat VC in invisible mode. Using the application you will remain offline. And the other person does not know, when you look at his message. Support emoticons and stickers.
– You can easily find out who your girl or guy puts huskies.
– The app will alert when the right person came to the network.
– Learn the hidden friends.
– You will find the photos that this or that person is marked.
– Tell you who gets deleted or added as a friend.
– Possibility to download documents.
– Watch the video and SIFCO VC.
– Clean the walls and likes.
– Available tape VC.

The application uses the open method of social network VKontakte, so all information is obtained legally.
Music VC does not exist in the application of the requirements of copyright holders.


This is not an official application and we do not have nothing to do with VKontakte. The name and trademark are the property righ tholders VKontakte!

Enter your personal data takes place through the app or on the VK VK official page loaded directly from their server, it makes it impossible to hack your page!


The app was not found in the store. 🙁


Secrets of a Spy in VC (VK) v1.3.9 PRO / Mirror

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