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Reverso is the all-in-one tool that provides you high-quality translations and helps you improve your language skills seamlessly. It's magic, and it's free.
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Reverso Translate & Learn is a popular app that allows users to translate languages, helping users in a hands-on way to learn English effectively.

Reverso Translate & Learn is, as the name suggests, an app in the “Books & References” category. This application serves a mission to help those who want to improve their language learn new knowledge about the English language. Developed and manufactured by Reverso Technologies, it has many great features that help users learn a foreign language quickly and in detailed ways. There is no denying that this is an application with useful features and that it perfectly satisfies the needs of its users.

Reverso Translate and Learn

How to translate meaning and supplement knowledge in interesting ways

A simple interface allows makers to rely on the best academic content possible. The user simply enters the word to be translated into the synonym search frame or asks for suggested words and selects them. Like many other applications, Reverso Translate and Learn has keywords and spellings for users to learn and read. Additionally, users can learn adjectives, adjectives, and nouns in different cases by pressing the arrow key next to it.

More specifically, the application has synonyms for readers to refer to for additional knowledge. These words are organized in a table so that you can easily observe and find the words you want to use. Examples are provided at the bottom of the screen for the user to adapt to the situation and learn to join hands with the onion. Example sentences help users apply these sentences in the correct context.

Reverso Translate and Learn apk

Knowledge is good, meaning simple application

Once you know the meaning of a word, save frequently used or favorite words to make it easier for users to find their favorite words. The advanced features of this app are really interesting in that you can use search terms to find idioms and translate them into languages ​​other than English, a very effective way of learning bilingual.

The application not only has a practice section for users to see how often they use this word and practice it, but such repetition also helps the user’s brain to remember it longer. Other language-based learning and memorization. Learning by observation is not enough. The application also allows users to hear these words in different accents. Users are not ashamed to communicate with foreigners. This is a very effective way to learn how applications communicate.

Reverso Translate and Learn pro

In addition to word-by-word translation, the app allows you to translate both paragraphs. In this case, it can be translated literally and realistically, or the user can change the paragraph to have the same meaning. There are two main interfaces where users can choose between light and dark interfaces. Users can personalize the application according to their preferences. Apps such as foreign language books are also easy to hold. Due to its special features, the application is the first choice of users when they want to be exposed to foreign languages. Highly rated in application platform. Download the app and let us know what you think!

Reverso Translate and Learn mod

Key Feature

The app has high accuracy translation function and close translation for user convenience.

Translate the paragraphs correctly into English and into similar paragraphs that users can refer to.

Paradoxical meanings and practical examples are the application’s strengths, helping users improve their word application skills.

A dark interface allows users to personalize the app like a real book.

Read these words in different accents so that users can communicate without shame when they encounter different situations.

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  • Reverso Translate and Learn Screenshot
  • Reverso Translate and Learn Screenshot
  • Reverso Translate and Learn Screenshot
  • Reverso Translate and Learn Screenshot
  • Reverso Translate and Learn Screenshot
  • Reverso Translate and Learn Screenshot
  • Reverso Translate and Learn Screenshot
  • Reverso Translate and Learn Screenshot
  • Reverso Translate and Learn Screenshot
  • Reverso Translate and Learn Screenshot
  • Reverso Translate and Learn Screenshot
  • Reverso Translate and Learn Screenshot


Reverso Translate and Learn v12.1.0 APK [Premium Mod] / Mirror

Reverso Translate and Learn v11.8.8 APK [Premium Mod] / Mirror

Reverso Translate and Learn v11.8.5 APK [Premium Mod] / Mirror

What's new

- Translate text and voice, from and to Ukrainian
- Synonyms, analogies and definitions in several languages
- Learn new words and expressions with various exercises and games, even when offline, with SRS (Spaced repetition system) and adaptive learning
- Integrated conjugation module in 10 languages available for all forms of verbs
- Improved performance and UX : faster responses, nicer graphics, and extended content.


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