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Talkao Translate – A language dictionary made in over 125 different languages ​​around the world. This application helps you create exciting stories in different languages ​​with the help of a virtual assistant that translates different texts by voice. Switch between different languages ​​to suit your workflow. Thanks to this application, I have made many friends all over the world and am ready to start a conversation regardless of my language level.


A respected application that helps you approach a new language in your studies or work. Thanks to this application, people can learn new languages ​​quickly. With over 125 languages ​​worldwide, you have a lot to choose from. Write using 80+ languages ​​and support conversations using 44+ languages.


As users adopt new languages, it is difficult to avoid basic grammatical errors in documents. We introduced this feature in Talkao Translate to meet the needs of our users and help them correct spelling mistakes while writing. By using this application, you no longer have to worry about spelling and grammatical errors while typing important documents for your work. This is a valuable app that allows even those who are familiar with foreign languages ​​to discover rudimentary mistakes.


We need foreign languages. In addition to our native language, we need to learn one or several other languages ​​​​in the world in order to work.No need to start with additional classes. Thanks to this application, you can confidently speak foreign languages ​​and even start conversations with people. When you make foreign friends and start chatting, you may run out of vocabulary and get stuck. Thanks to this app, you can add many new words to your conversations using the word suggestion feature.


All Talkao translation utilities come in two forms:
writing and speech translation. Even if the number of words is too many, the user can complete the text translation by voice. This is the best assistant to help you with complex translations. Of course, old translations are saved in history. You can easily search previous and outdated translations.

☆PRO features unlocked
☆Startup Privacy page Removed
☆Optimized Graphics/Zipaligned
☆Remove default .source name of java files;
☆Cleaned Package for fast load
☆Debug Info Removed


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Talkao Translate v346 PRO / Mirror

Translate voice – v344 [PRO] / Mirror

Translate voice – v340 [PRO] / Mirror