Just got your Pixel 2 and ready to start customizing? Or maybe you’re bored with regular Pixel icons, and want something a little more unique. Either way, Pixly has you covered. Designed with a clean, minimalist style, this is my take on Pixel icons.

1,800+ Icons

There’s an attention to detail in Pixly that you won’t find in other Pixel icon packs. Every icon has been carefully tweaked or even redesigned, to ensure there’s a consistent minimal style.

The color palette is bright and colorful, which looks fantastic on AMOLED displays. Whether you’re inside or outside, the colors always pop.

Pixel 2 Widgets

Pixly also includes 5 Pixel 2 inspired widgets. KWGT Pro is required to use the widgets. It can be downloaded from the Play Store.

There’s 4 Pixel 2 style widgets that allow you to replicate the Pixel 2 homescreen UI. There’s also 1 alternative Pixel 2 widget. I’ll be adding a few more of these in future updates.


• Weekly Updates – New icons and fixes
• 22 HD Wallpapers Clean, sharp, and minimal
• Material Design Application – User friendly interface
• Multi-Launcher Support – Quick apply to your favorite launcher
• Icon Picker and Search – Search and replace your favorite icons
• Icon Masking – Unthemed icons are masked into a circle
• Dynamic Calendar Support – Date on calendar icon changes every day*

*Dynamic Calendars Supported – aCalendar, Business, Digical, Google, Stock Calendar, Today

Supported Launchers
• ABC Launcher
• Action Launcher
• Apex Launcher
• ADW Launcher
• ADWex Launcher
• Arrow Launcher
• Asus Launcher
• Atom Launcher
• Aviate Launcher
• Epic Launcher
• Evie Launcher
• EverythingMe
• GO Launcher
• Hola Launcher
• Holo Launcher
• KK Launcher
• Lawnchair Launcher
• LG Home
• Lucid Launcher
• Inspire Launcher
• Next Launcher
• Nine Launcher
• Nougat Launcher
• Nova Launcher
• One Plus Launcher
• S Launcher
• Solo Launcher
• Sony Experia Launcher
• Smart Launcher
• Themer
• TSF Launcher
• Zero Launcher
• ZenUI Launcher

These apps are also supported :
• Unicon
• Theme engine

Updates and Icon Requests

For the first week of release, I’ll be updating Pixly daily with new icons until I reach 2,000 icons. After that, Pixly will be updated on a weekly basis.

I receive thousands of icon requests, so unfortunately I can’t complete them all. However, I do my best to add the most popular user requests, as well as update existing icons that have new brand redesigns.

Tips and Tricks

These are the steps you can take to replicate the Pixel 2 UI that’s shown in the screenshots.


• Nova Launcher Prime
• Desktop Grid – 7 x 5
• Width Padding – Large
• Height padding – None
• Icon Size – 130%


• Width Padding – Large
• Height padding – Large


• All widgets are 4×2 KWGT widgets
• Place the searchbar widget on your desktop, resize, then place in the dock
• Remove icon labels for the 5 icons above the dock
• Place the appdrawer indicator widget above the dock

Help & Support

A custom launcher (see above) is required in order to use Pixly. For the best in compatibility and customization options, I recommend Nova Launcher.

For FAQs and tutorials, please refer to http://www.stealthychief.com/help

You can also email me with any further questions or feedback.


  • Added 10 icons from the most popular user requests
  • Updated Pixly logo
  • Removed Stealthychief contact information in app (now Will Windham)
  • Fixed icons for Firefox Nightly, Grubhub, Kahoot, and Grindr
  • Enjoying Pixly? Please help support further development by leaving 5 stars. Thank you!


  • Pixly - Pixel 2 Icon Pack Screenshot
  • Pixly - Pixel 2 Icon Pack Screenshot
  • Pixly - Pixel 2 Icon Pack Screenshot
  • Pixly - Pixel 2 Icon Pack Screenshot
  • Pixly - Pixel 2 Icon Pack Screenshot

Download Links

Pixly – Pixel 2 Icon Pack v1.0.7 [Patched] APK / Alternative Link