andTest is designed to quickly check your android phone or tablet is working properly.

andTest is especially useful if you have just purchased a phone or tablet, had it repaired, or it just seems to not be working as well as it should be. Identify problems so you can return your phone or have the problem fixed now (within the warranty period) and before you start relying on your phone for your daily activities. Check if there is a hardware problem or other type of problem that can be resolved, without buying a new phone. Useful for phone troubleshooting and diagnostics.

Other uses are for phone manufacturers (production line testing), phone service centres (e.g. post phone repair testing and customer phone repair reporting), phone retail staff (e.g. customer phone checks) and anyone selling an Android phone or tablet (e.g. phone health report).

Get a phone health check now … before your phone lets you down.


The tests are configurable and are run as a series of tests and checks in the order shown below:
– Device information check;
– Device information: Low memory suggestions;
– Device information: Low internal storage suggestions;
– Battery check and charging socket test;
– Telephony and Wi-Fi network checks;
– Network gateway ping test;
– Audio test: microphone;
– Audio test: mono/stereo speaker;
– Audio test: headphone jack;
– Audio test: volume buttons;
– Audio test: vibrate test;
– Display: dead pixels;
– Display: bright pixels;
– Display: color consistency;
– Touch screen test 2D Graphics: dead screen digitizer area;
– Touch screen test: 5 touch points;
– Network and GPS location tests;
– Physical appearance;
– Camera test: front;
– Camera test: rear camera and rear flash;
– Sensors supported check;
– Thermal stress test;
– CPU stress test;
– Memory stresstest;
– Storage stresstest;
– Battery usage check;
– Temperature reporting.

Device information reported includes*:
– Device (model, brand, product, serial number);
– Body (weight and dimensions);
– Operating system (version, API level, build…);
– Display (type, size, resolution, PPI, multi-touch);
– Processor (SOC, CPU, architecture, GPU);
– RAM (total and available);
– Internal storage (Total and available);
– Primary shared storage;
– Camera (front, rear, video resolution);
– Battery (connection status, level (range during test run), health, technology, temperature (range during test run), voltage);
– Telephony network (SIM state, network type, data connection, IMEI/ESN);
– Wi-Fi network (SSID, link speed, …);
– Sensors supported;
– Temperature sensors and maximum for test run;
* Where supported by the device.

A phone test results report is produced and can be emailed on the completion of the test.

This app is similar to CPUZ, BURNINTEST, PRIME95, EVEREST or AIDA64, but with hardware tests and stresstests, a guided test process and a results report. It helps diagnostics & troubleshooting.

Requirements :
– A phone with Android 4.2 and above.
– Not all device information is available on all devices. Please let us know and we will investigate adding it.

– READ_PHONE_STATE to get IMEI information.
– ACCESS_WIFI_STATE to get Wi-Fi information.
– CAMERA for the camera test.
– RECORD_AUDIO for the audio microphone test.
– INTERNET permission for online help.
– VIBRATE permission for the vibrate test.

What’s New
v3.7 – 7 February 2017
– Sensor test bug fix.


  • Phone Check and Test Screenshot
  • Phone Check and Test Screenshot
  • Phone Check and Test Screenshot
  • Phone Check and Test Screenshot
  • Phone Check and Test Screenshot
  • Phone Check and Test Screenshot
  • Phone Check and Test Screenshot
  • Phone Check and Test Screenshot