A premium suite of 14 tools and utilities to perform several operations on PDF files.


• SPLIT – Split a PDF file into multiple documents by specifying page points, number of output files or number of pages per file.
• MERGE – Merge many PDFs into a single document.
• DELETE PAGES – Delete specific pages from a PDF file.
• EXTRACT PAGES – Extract specific pages from a PDF file.
• LOCK – Add password to a PDF file.
• UNLOCK – Remove password from a PDF file.
• ROTATE PAGES – Rotate pages from portrait to landscape or vice-versa (90°, 180°, 270° clockwise)
• COMPRESS SIZE – Compress and reduce size of PDF documents.
• EXTRACT TEXT – Extract text from all or specific pages of the PDF into a text file.
• EXTRACT IMAGES – Extract images from all or specific pages of the PDF.
• IMAGES TO PDF – Create PDFs from images or screenshots.
• TEXT TO PDF – Create PDFs from text or html files.
• CROP PAGES – Remove irrelevant margins from top, bottom, left or right edge of the page.
• REORDER PAGES – Change order of pages in the PDF file.
• IMAGE WATERMARK – Add image watermarks. Scale image to different sizes and alter transparency.
• TEXT WATERMARK – Add text watermarks, headers, footers and even page numbers. Change font type and transparency too.

– Perform operations on password protected (encrypted) files.
– Change output folder for generated files.
– Open or Share the output files straightaway.


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  • PDF Tools Screenshot


PDF Tools v3.2 (Paid version) / Alternative Link