Office Documents Viewer (Pro) (Unlocked)

(formerly Mobile Document Viewer)
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Office Documents Viewer is a comprehensive tool with extensive customization options and an improved user interface and experience that allows users to easily work with all Office files and formats.

Office Documents Viewer is an application that helps users to view or work with specially formatted files belonging to Microsoft’s famous Office collection. It does not allow content editing, but contains many features for viewing content within a document. In addition, there are many special customizations for viewing files in different modes while optimizing your personal experience.

Complete control over viewing documents

The best feature that Office Documents Viewer offers users is complete control for optimal operation while viewing documents. Before that, all Office file types, be they spreadsheets or PowerPoint, will be broadly supported, allowing everyone to view them in the most convenient way. Interactions change depending on the type of material you’re watching, making it easy to grasp and dig deeper on the go.

Finding specific records or text within a document

When reviewing paperwork, it’s most important to find the information you need through walls of text instead of reading everything when you don’t have time. Therefore, the application integrates a versatile search engine for users, providing quick access to all important data within documents. In addition, each document works with search engines and at the same time allows users to directly replace the found data with something else.

Office Documents Viewer apk

Innovative text-to-speech functionality

If your users are having trouble reading documents in the Office Documents Viewer, text-to-speech is supported, saving everyone time. This is one of our most powerful features thanks to dynamic AI that automatically recognizes specific languages ​​and keywords and speaks them professionally. Of course, instead of accessing documents in complex ways, the application automatically saves records that are available to users anytime, anywhere.

Various formats and conversions supported

Application compatibility with all document file types helps improve user performance in many situations where you don’t want to convert formats. You can also adjust compatibility for better effect and work directly with specific documents. Its file compatibility also includes exporting existing documents to various target formats, saving you time converting the formats you need.

Connect to printer for real documents

The best thing about Office Documents Viewer is that it can be integrated with specific systems. This allows users to quickly and instantly print any document directly. You can freely customize the printing process and connect to nearby digital printers to perform any process. In addition, users can easily change the format and layout of the document before starting printing to ensure the best results for the actual document.

Office Documents Viewer is one useful utility for users who frequently work with Office files without access to a computer. Best of all, it offers impressive customization options and depth that open up new possibilities for everyone when it comes to viewing or printing documents at the highest possible quality.

Key features

  • An intuitive and simplified document viewer with great features and interactions to quickly review and check for errors.
  • Wide compatibility with huge document formats saves conversion time and helps users view everything without display errors.
  • In-app text-to-speech functionality that serves a variety of purposes with advanced recognition in various languages ​​or keywords widely used around the world.
  • Connect to nearby Wi-Fi printers to print real documents with multiple supported features and adjust layout before printing.
  • A wide range of customization options to improve the user’s ability in reading various document formats with rich features and functions.


◉ Paid Features Unlocked
◉ AOSP Compatible / No Google
◉ CPUs arch: Universal
◉ Full Multi Languages
◉ All debug Info Removed
◉ Original Signature Changed


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  • Office Documents Viewer Screenshot
  • Office Documents Viewer Screenshot
  • Office Documents Viewer Screenshot
  • Office Documents Viewer Screenshot
  • Office Documents Viewer Screenshot

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