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Nine offers an exciting experience that allows you to consolidate and easily manage various information related to work and life in one place. Every action in your application is recorded and guaranteed to be executed at that point in time. Information integrator intelligence has saved users a lot of time spent on other tasks. Only she can control the operation of the entire system with one application. This is the best choice for your device.

Discover what’s new in the update

After launching, Nine received a lot of feedback from users and decided to change her default Microsoft Library settings. More storage capacity, more document types, and simplified authentication setup. For apps and Chromebooks, the system quickly fixes issues that occur when the document source is inaccessible. Handles the progress of sending and receiving email messages. Errors encountered during boot are checked and performance is immediately improved. Connecting and reading documents is the easiest and fastest way.

Manage mailbox information

The application connects to mailboxes and supports basic email-related operations such as reading, receiving, and sending emails. With just one interface, users can enjoy many exciting information management experiences. Specific requirements are imposed on the number of accesses per day, the amount of information transferred and the weight of files provided. Select any message to check your inbox. Additionally, users can compose and send a message once the content they want to send is complete. Notifications with sound settings will ensure you never miss important content.

New message control functionality added

News items are controlled by Nine in both work and personal life. Users connect it to their device and it automatically fills in information about the connecting user. Talking to people shortens the distance. The system designs a separate room from other sources to support the connection process without problems. However, users should enhance their information security to avoid leaking chat content. You’re testing the app for free for her first two weeks, but you can choose to pay extra to continue using it.

Control the operation of the entire system

As a tool to connect multiple pieces of content, Nine is a good choice if you want to control all the information in just one application. A simple theme helps categorize many features and adapt changes to your working mode.The UI is an empty space with many separate files, differentiated by name or color. In general, the created elements help control the operation of the system in the simplest and most accessible way.

Enjoy interacting with the app

Nine brings even more exciting new content to the experience. Every element of the application is dedicated to the task of allowing users to easily manage their information and ensure control over the amount of work they do. With just a few simple touches, you’ll quickly get used to lots of interesting content and be up and running with just a few taps. Additionally, the amount of information stored in a file is unlimited and considered cloud-independent. We will keep updating more exciting content in the next version. This simple operating system is billed after a two week trial period.


  • Nine - Email & Calendar Screenshot
  • Nine - Email & Calendar Screenshot
  • Nine - Email & Calendar Screenshot
  • Nine - Email & Calendar Screenshot
  • Nine - Email & Calendar Screenshot
  • Nine - Email & Calendar Screenshot
  • Nine - Email & Calendar Screenshot
  • Nine - Email & Calendar Screenshot
  • Nine - Email & Calendar Screenshot
  • Nine - Email & Calendar Screenshot
  • Nine - Email & Calendar Screenshot

Requirements: 4.1+


Nine – Email & Calendar v4.9.5 [Unlocked] | Mirror

Nine – Email & Calendar v4.9.4b [Unlocked] | Mirror

Nine – Email & Calendar v4.9.2 [Unlocked] | Mirror

What's new

* Targeting Android 13 (API level 33)


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