Tired of uninstalling the unwanted apps on your phone one by one? Multiple app uninstaller allows you to uninstall multiple apps at once .
-> Easily uninstall multiple apps at once.
-> Select all the apps that you want to uninstall and tap on uninstall to remove all those apps.
-> Elegant and easy to use UI.
-> Sort the apps you want to uninstall alphabetically or based on the app size.
-> See your recently installed apps and uninstall them accordingly.
-> Easily search for your apps using the ” Quick Search Interface ” .
-> Search and uninstall system apps on rooted phone. On non-rooted phone you can remove all the updates from your system app and restore it to factory version.
-> View your application’s info such as package name, application version and required permissions.

What’s New

  • SDK update
  • bug fixes


  • Multiple app Uninstaller Screenshot
  • Multiple app Uninstaller Screenshot